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Will I get a 15% pay increase? Private aged care members meeting

Will I get a 15% pay increase? Private aged care members meeting

ANMF is holding a virtual private and not-for-profit aged care members meeting

1pm, Monday 22 May 2023 – register 
5pm, Wednesday 24 May 2023

Attend this meeting to find out about:

  • the ANMF’s aged care work value case
  • the Fair Work Commission’s interim 15% rise for award wages
  • the Albanese Government’s $11.3 billion funding for wage rises
  • what you can do to make sure your employer passes the funding on to you – if you are paid enterprise agreement rates.

Register for one of the meetings via the links above or download the Newsflash and members meeting notice for QR codes. A confirmation will be sent to your email address. On the day of the meeting ANMF will email you the online meeting link.

Why are we holding this members meeting?

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF), along with other unions representing aged care workers, has been running what is called a “work value” case in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) for a 25% to 35% pay rise for aged care workers. This case began after the Aged Care Royal Commission released its recommendations.

In February the FWC decided on an ‘interim’ increase to Award wages of 15% from 30 June 2023. Award wages will rise further on 1 July as a result of the annual wage review case which applies to all Awards (the amount will be known in mid-June).

ANMF’s case continues. This case is to improve Award wages in the Nurses Award 2020 and the Aged Care Award 2010. Awards outline the minimum wage a nurse or personal care worker can be paid.

However most Victorian nurses and carers wages and conditions are not on Award, but on an enterprise agreement (or EBA) which are higher.

For personal carers in particular, the Award rate will overtake the EBA rate on 30 June or 1 July.

For most nurses, the Award increases will have no effect. This is because the RN and EN rates are usually more than 20% above the Award rates already. Under the Fair Work Act your employer must pay you at least the Award base rate of pay.

Please note: there is no mechanism to run a FWC case to improve EBA conditions.

But media reports say everyone will get the 15% pay rise?

Recent media coverage has given the impression that everyone is going to receive a 15% wage increase from 30 June. However, this 15% increase is to the Award rate, not your EBA rate. Effectively, Award rates will now start catching up to EBA rates, and in some cases, will exceed EBA rates as at 30 June and 1 July.

We are pleased that the Albanese Government has committed to fund aged care providers for the interim Fair Work Commission work value increase. They are funding a 15% increase to all care minutes and the AN-ACC threshold rate increases from $216 to $243 on 1 July. The Budget provided over $11 billion for that purpose, including covering on-costs.

ANMF is determined that all that money should be used for the purpose that it was intended – to reward you for your hard work and make the aged care sector attractive to recruit and retain nurses and carers.

While the Government says it expects employers to pass on all of the funding in the form of higher wages, your employer is not legally required to pass on all or even some of that funding to you and your colleagues as higher wages. We have a lot of work to do to make this happen. We need to get these increases reflected in your EBA – otherwise they aren’t enforceable – even if your employer passes the money on initially.

This week ANMF will be writing to all Victorian private and not-for-profit aged care providers, seeking a meeting to discuss how this funding will be allocated as higher wages and reflected in your EBA.

ANMF will also be holding meetings with members across the state, to update you on progress.

These meetings will be two virtual statewide briefings. Please register to attend one of the meetings either 1pm, Monday 22 May or 5pm, Wednesday 24 May. You will receive a confirmation email once you register and on the day of the meeting ANMF will send you the online meeting link.

We urge you to find the time to come along to one of these meetings and learn what is happening, and what you can do.                                


Job Reps and HSRs are encouraged to display this update and meeting notice on your workplace noticeboard.