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COVID-19 urgent update – all aged care – single-site restrictions continue until lower rates of community transmission

COVID-19 urgent update – all aged care – single-site restrictions continue until lower rates of community transmission

ANMF has received information from the Commonwealth and Victorian health departments stating single-site employment will remain in place across all Victoria until community transmission reduces.

ANMF will notify members as soon as possible when these arrangements will end.

This means that if you have taken approved leave from another residential aged care provider to consolidate your hours at one site, then that approved leave will need to be extended until the single-site employment arrangements cease.

Members should check the details of their approved leave. If it has an end date of 23 September 2021, you are encouraged to notify your employer that, that leave is required for the duration of single-site arrangements. If the leave was for the duration of the operation of the single-site arrangements, then no further action is required.

An employer must grant that leave and hold your position open for you until single-site arrangements have ceased and the funding is no longer available.

Members are also advised that should you decide that you do not intend to return to one or more of your other positions, you must give those employers written “notice” that you will not be returning. The period of notice varies depending on the terms of your enterprise agreement, up to a maximum of four weeks’ notice. If in doubt, contact ANMF Member Assistance.

COVID-19 vaccination in aged care – ‘one of the highest rates in the world’

Thank you to the 98.2 per cent of residential aged care workers who thus far have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, of which 80 per cent are fully vaccinated. This is an outstanding achievement and noted by Federal Health and Aged Care Minister Greg Hunt on 20 September as ‘one of the highest rates in the world’.

You have led the way for all Victorian healthcare workers who are required to have their first dose by 15 October.

ANMF continues to advocate for the required vaccination to apply to all visitors to aged care facilities.

What if I need further advice or support from ANMF (Vic Branch)?

In the first instance, contact Member Assistance via our online form.

Do you believe you are being disadvantaged and require assistance?

If you require individual assistance because you believe you are being disadvantaged by the new requirements restricting you to working at a single workplace, please contact ANMF.

ANMF encourages members to raise any concerns they have with management in the first instance as quickly as possible in addition to seeking assistance from ANMF.

Got a colleague not receiving ANMF emails?

If you have an ANMF colleague who is not receiving these newsflash emails, please pass this on and let them know they can re-subscribe.

Encourage your colleagues to join ANMF

Please invite your aged care nursing and personal care worker colleagues to join their union so they have access to support, advice and information about their employment. Let them know they can join.