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No membership fee increase for the fourth year in a row

No membership fee increase for the fourth year in a row

2023 delegates conference. Photo: Christopher Hopkins

ANMF (Vic Branch) membership fees will not increase for the 2023-24 financial year.

The last fee rise was in July 2019. For the current financial year, Branch Council has again determined to maintain fees at the 2019-20 rate. The decision is intended to support members and acknowledge the continuing challenges being faced amid increasing cost-of-living pressures and ongoing COVID uncertainty.

ANMF (Vic Branch) membership is approaching 100,000 strong. We are the largest branch of the largest union in the country. Our fees are the second cheapest of all ANMF branches nationally (see table 1) and are priced accordingly for a wide range of working arrangements and roles – including full time and part time RNs, ENs, midwives, PCWs, RUSONs and RUSOMs, students and those on primary carer leave.

Benefits of membership

Consistent membership growth, and careful management of members’ funds, enables the Branch Council to keep membership fees on hold, while continuing to add to the core benefits and services we offer – including legal, professional, educational, industrial and workplace health and safety support, advice and representation, and professional indemnity insurance. View the full list of membership benefits at

In addition to the above benefits, members also have access to Union Shopper, discount accommodation, FREE and expanded online continuing professional development, financial grants for further education, world-class events and conferences, and regular free training for Job Reps and Health and Safety Reps.

Union Shopper enables members to save significant amounts of money on a range of goods and services including white goods, motor vehicles, rental cars, cameras, computers, travel, entertainment, wine, jewellery, insurance, health products and more. One member told us, for example, that she saved almost $2000 off a new car by using Union Shopper!

Discounted holiday accommodation is available for members in Ocean Grove and Bright*, with the new CBD apartments now also available for bookings. Members can use these units – at 240 Victoria Street North Melbourne, opposite ANMF headquarters and Education Centre – to attend conferences and CPD courses at ANMF or to holiday in the heart of Melbourne.

Our Education Portal now features hundreds of online modules that can assist you to obtain your required CPD hours any time, any place. These modules are developed, and routinely revised, by experts in their field. All fully financial members have free and unlimited access to these online modules as of 1 July 2023.

Eligible members may also apply for a range of grants to assist with further education and study in clinical areas of need such as midwifery, mental health nursing and alcohol and other drugs. Processing of the 2023-2024 applications is underway at the time of print, but it’s expected that the grants will total more than $2 million this time.

Don’t forget: your union membership fees are also tax deductible. Most ANMF members should receive at least 30 per cent of their fees paid in any financial year back as part of their tax return**.

*Some Bright units are currently undergoing renovation to ensure it offers 4-star comfort across the board.

**This does not constitute financial advice. Check with your tax adviser.

ANMF annual fees by state for registered nurses and midwives working 24 hours a week or more as at 22/05/23:

Tasmania $858.25
New South Wales $820.92
South Australia $815.70
Australian Capital Territory $809.91
Queensland $739.00
Northern Territory $644.30
Victoria $643.94
Western Australian $300

Lower rates apply for other categories of membership including part time rates. For full details of ANMF (Vic Branch membership fees and categories, visit