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COVID-19 update – aged care COVID vaccination update FAQ

What is the cut-off date for getting my third vaccination?

Workers in aged care must receive their third dose by 12 March 2022.

What happens if I have not had my third dose by that date?

Your employer is not allowed to let you on the work premises as a worker and can be fined for not complying.

Not being allowed to come to work could have serious ramifications for your ongoing employment. If you don’t intend to be vaccinated by 12 March, and an exception does not apply, it is probable that your employment will end.

Are there exceptions?


  1. If you can provide evidence of a valid medical exemption; or
  2. You are not eligible for a third dose vaccination; this exception applies for a maximum of 3 months and 14 days after your second dose (for example you only recently had your second dose) or
  3. You tested COVID positive via a PCR test and your self-isolation period ended within the previous 4 months; or
  4. You tested COVID positive via a RAT, and your self-isolation period ended within the previous 4 months;
    Note if your isolation ended on or before 4 February you must provide a written declaration to your employer stating that they you were unable to access a PCR test when in self-isolation, and have notified the Department of your positive RAT prior to 5 February 2022; or

If your self-isolation period ended after 4 February 2022, you received a positive result from a PCR test undertaken during the period of self-isolation.

  1. You are a recent international arrival who is double dosed, you entered Australia in the previous 4 weeks, you have a booking to receive a booster dose within 4 weeks of entering Australia and you have provided evidence of this to your employer. Note that exception expires 4 weeks after your arrival in Australia.
  2. You were one of the exceptions above, and 14 days have passed since the exception ceased.

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