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Cash splash leaves less for health and aged care

Cash splash leaves less for health and aged care

Tax cuts promised in the Morrison Government’s federal budget mean less for health, mental health and aged care services.

If the government is re-elected, these tax cuts will cost $158 billion over the next ten years.

Some individuals will find more in their pay packet. But at what cost to our health, mental health and aged care services? And what about other essential services like education.

A young man earning $20,000 a year reflected in The Age on the morning after the federal budget that he was not taxed much.

‘I don’t get taxed a huge amount. For me tax cuts matter less than government spending. I’d feel bad if people who need healthcare or transport aren’t getting what they need,’ Will Berthelot said.

Will’s picture was at the top of the page in a picture case study the media likes to use to illustrate the impact of political decisions on ‘real people’.

It was a selfless observation from a man so young and not a view shared by many of the older, higher earners asked the same question.

Funding for services comes from taxpayers.

When ANMF goes into negotiations for public sector nurses’, midwives’ and mental health nurses’ pay and working conditions -the outcome is all about funding from state and commonwealth governments.

When ANMF seeks improvements to legislated ratios – it’s all about funding from state and commonwealth governments. And it’s about the availability and development of the workforce, which also requires funding.

When ANMF campaigns for better wages and legislated ratios in private and not-for-profit nursing homes, which are heavily subsidised by the taxpayer, it’s all about funding from the commonwealth government. In this case it’s also about the lack of rules attached to the funding which is essential for good economic management.

Less funding affect services’ capacity to deliver quality care, meet growing demand, innovate and importantly pay the people, like nurses, midwives and carers, who deliver the service.

A little more in the pocket, but no vision for a better Australia. Safe staffing in nursing homes ignored again. No goals for better funding of health and mental health services.

All those who fight for this vision are feeling a little let down by the cheap and shameless cash splash before an election.