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Public sector EBA update #19: Rejected EBA offer details and upcoming workplace meetings

ANMF has written to the Allan Government requesting to resume negotiations on the wages’ component of the offer.

ANMF is seeking a new government offer that will provide members with certainty over the application of the additional percentage increases above the government wages policy that will come as a reflection of the Fair Work Commission’s aged care work value case (more details below).

We are also seeking certainty over maintenance of classification relativities and implementation dates.

Stage one industrial action remains in place. Stage two industrial action remains suspended.

Workplace visits and Job Rep meetings

ANMF organisers and staff are visiting workplaces to support stage 1 industrial action, organising Job Rep meetings to be followed by members meetings and provide more t-shirts to members.

These meetings will discuss the outcome of yesterday’s statewide meeting and the offer, including wage increases of between approximately 18 to 23 percent over four years, that was rejected.

Members can download yesterday’s powerpoint that was used at the statewide meeting to outline the wages, allowances and conditions offer. The pages have been re-ordered.

A community health centre members meeting will also take place this week.

Meeting notices will be issued.

The Fair Work Commission Aged Care Work Value Case

We understand there was some confusion over the relevance of the aged care work value case to the proposed public sector wages outcome.

ANMF is using the imminent outcome of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) aged care work value case to negotiate wage increases above government wages policy.

The Fair Work Commission’s increases will automatically flow to aged care public sector nurses up to Year 5, but not to all public sector nurses and midwives.

One of the complications is that the FWC determination will only impact the award classifications up to Year 5 (that’s where the award stops). We are seeking that the relativities for approximately 30 classifications in the public sector EBA are maintained once the increases are applied, and flow equitably across all clinical contexts.

Timeline update: Fair Work Commission case update

There was a report-back before Fair Work Commission Justice Hatcher on 17 May 2024 and a directions hearing on 21 May 2024.

ANMF is seeking that the case be listed for a one-day hearing on or before 7 June 2024 in order to determine the outstanding issues.

Justice Hatcher seems likely to determine the outstanding nurses’ issues so that these increases can be implemented at a similar time as the carers’ increases. (Carer increases were determined on 15 March 2024).

Justice Hatcher said he will issue directions ‘in fairly short order’. We expect that they will include a hearing date for the determination of the outstanding nurses’ issues.