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Campaign update #26: Protected industrial action must now stop

Campaign update #26: Protected industrial action must now stop

The public sector statewide members meeting on Wednesday 26 June voted to accept the Allan Government’s EBA offer of a 28.4% (compounded) wage increase and more than 70 new and improved allowances, penalties and working terms and conditions.

Members at the meeting also voted to end all stage one protected industrial action.

All stage one protected industrial action must now stop.

Redeployment/Change of Ward Allowance

Members are encouraged to keep records of any occasions of redeployment that occur from 24 June 2024. If the proposed EBA is approved in the subsequent ballot, the new ‘Change of Ward” allowance will apply from 24 June 2024.

The new clause means that where, at the initiative of your Employer, you perform your rostered shift at a Ward, Unit or Department that is not your Base Ward, you will be entitled to the Change of Ward Allowance.

Base Ward means the Ward or Unit to which you were rostered to work.

Got a question about the EBA outcome?

Members with a question about the EBA outcome can email their inquiry to