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Public sector EBA update #10: Ballot timetable set

Public sector EBA update #10: Ballot timetable set

The ANMF applications for protected industrial action ballots were granted by the Fair Work Commission on 4 April 2024.

This is one ballot per employer – so 106 separate ballots. If you work at Casey Hospital, you will be under the Monash Health ballot, if at Horsham Hospital it will be in the Grampians Health ballot.

If you work at more than one employer, you may be eligible to vote in more than one ballot.

To be successful, in each ballot:

  • more than 50% of members must vote.
  • of those that vote, at least 50% must vote “yes”.

It is a single question, either “yes” or “no” in respect to all potential industrial action options.

This means the ballot could be successful with one employer, and unsuccessful with another.

  • If successful, we have the right, in the future, to take protected industrial action at that employer.
  • If unsuccessful, members at that employer will not have the right to take protected industrial action in the future.


Wednesday 10 April 2024

By 4pm each of the 106 employers, and the ANMF, must have provided lists of potential voters to VERO, our selected ballot agent.

These are lists of employees, and in our case ANMF members, as at 4 April 2024.

Between 11 April and commencement of voting, VERO must determine who is on both lists. To be entitled to vote you must be both an employee at that employer, and an ANMF member at that employer.

Vero is an independent Fair Work Commission-approved ballot agent.


Thursday 11 April 2024 – Fair Work Commission Conference

The Fair Work Commission has ordered the ANMF and other bargaining representatives to attend a mandatory conference on Thursday 11 April 2024.


Thursday 11 and Friday 12 April

 VERO will be comparing the list of ANMF members to the list of employees provided by each employer to see who appears on both lists, and is therefore eligible to vote.


Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 April

Vero will commence a notice to employees, consistent with reg. 3.13 of the Fair Work Regulations, including by email to your nominated email address, and by text message to any mobile phone number, where a mobile phone number has been provided by your employer or ANMF.

For any eligible employees without an email address or mobile phone number, VERO will send the notice to employees by mail to that employee’s home postal address.

VERO will also deliver a How to vote guide that employers can distribute to all their employees.

Immediately prior to the opening of the ballot, VERO will issue an instruction sheet to eligible voters.

The instruction sheet will contain the web address for the voting website, a randomly generated internet voting password for each member, instructions on how to vote and any other material VERO considers relevant.

The agent will issue the instruction sheet to the email address provided by ANMF or your employer.

Each employer will provide VERO with the names of any of its employees that have ceased employment since 4 April 2024. If any of these employees are on the list of voters, their internet voting password to vote in the ballot will be disabled.

ANMF will issue a further EBA update advising members about the ballot, and what to do if you do not receive the instruction sheet.

When to contact ANMF?

Members who are eligible to vote should receive an email or text message from VERO by close of business Tuesday 16 April 2024.

If you have not received an email or text message from VERO by 16 April, then it likely that either:

  • you were not on the employer list provided to VERO; or
  • you were not on the ANMF member list provided to VERO by ANMF for that employer or
  • VERO does not have a current email address or mobile phone number for you.

Please contact us if you think you should be on the list but aren’t, on either 9275 9333 or 1800 133 353 during office hours, or anytime via

Please tell us your current workplace and ANMF member number (if known), if not known, your current mobile phone number will assist.


Wednesday 17 April

Voting commences 9am Victorian time.


Monday 29 April

Voting closes at 5pm Victorian time


Tuesday 30 April

 Ballot results will be known and announced at the ANMF statewide members meeting scheduled for that day.