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Private acute sector bargaining continues

Private acute sector bargaining continues

Work on new enterprise agreements for members working for private acute employers continues.

ANMF (Vic Branch) will be seeking salary and allowance increases to achieve public sector parity by 2023, and a 3 per cent salary increase per annum thereafter as well as other work conditions improvements achieved within the 2020–24 public sector general enterprise agreement.

For the log of claims specific to your employer, please see newsflashes.


A log of claims for Hobsons Healthcare, part of the HealtheCare group, has been served and a notice of employee representational rights (NERR) has been issued.

Negotiations with Healthecare regarding an agreement covering private hospital nurses and midwives will commence in March 2021, with a commitment for the first wage increase under the new agreement to be paid in July 2021.

Jessie McPherson Private Hospital

Members working for the Jessie McPherson Private Hospital have endorsed a log of claims which were provided to management on 15 October. Negotiations commenced on 21 October and have continued weekly.  The current agreement will apply until a new agreement is negotiated, agreed by members and approved by the Fair Work Commission.

St Vincent’s Private Hospital

ANMF met with St Vincent’s Private Hospital management on 25 November to discuss a program for negotiating the new enterprise agreement. St Vincent’s Private had representatives from all campuses as well as a representative from the Service Industry Advisory Group in attendance. Parties discussed St Vincent Private Hospital permitting time release for ANMF member delegates to attend meetings and scheduled two meetings for February 2021.

Mildura Private Hospital

ANMF and Mildura Private Hospital are meeting on 2 December to discuss claims.  Mildura Private Hospital has agreed to permit time release for ANMF member delegates to assist in discussions and Mildura Private Hospital will be assisted by a workplace relations consultant from the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

St John of God

ANMF and St John of God have presented a comprehensive log of claims which are subject to ongoing negotiations.

ANMF is concerned that St John of God is delaying its response to a significant number of ANMF claims, including one on proposed wage increases.

ANMF met with members on 26 November to report on EBA negotiations and our concerns and will again meet with members to form a response to St John of God’s claims.

Epworth Hospital

The Epworth log of claims was provided to Epworth on 15 October 2020. Negotiation meetings are occurring with both ANMF and Epworth negotiating their claims. Epworth has provided some responses to ANMF’s claims and ANMF will hold a meeting with members on 9 December to discuss bargaining progress.

Ramsay Health Care

Negotiations commenced on 7 October, with ANMF and Ramsay meeting weekly.

The parties are working through claims, with a break in negotiations from  December to 3 February 2021. Ramsay is expected to provide a comprehensive response to ANMF’s claims in early 2021.

Cabrini Health

ANMF has initiated the bargaining process with Cabrini is and seeking to commence bargaining before the Christmas break.