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Mental health EBA 19 negotiations update

Mental health EBA 19 negotiations update

ANMF previously advised (ANMF Newsflash, 26 October 2021) that an in-principle agreement had been reached for a new proposed Victorian Public Sector Mental Health Enterprise Agreement 2020-2024.

ANMF, HACSU and the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association (VHIA) signed a heads of agreement on 19 October 2021. All parties committed to regular meetings to finalise drafting and relevant equivalent full-time allocations.

Since then, parties have been drafting the proposed agreement. We are pleased to advise that ANMF, HACSU and VHIA are now in a position to review a final draft agreement.

The next steps require the Victorian Government to authorise the proposed agreement before a ballot of all public sector mental health employees (not just members) covered by the agreement.

As previously advised, ANMF will send members a comprehensive frequently asked questions EBA update prior to the ballot.

The first wage increase and the one-off ‘nurse alignment’ payment will be processed after the agreement has been formally approved by the Fair Work Commission.


Forensicare bargaining meetings have been postponed whilst the Victorian Government authorise an offer that has reportedly been prepared by the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association on behalf of Forensicare.

ANMF has been informed this offer is imminent. We look forward to updating members as soon as we receive the offer.