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Forensicare EBA 2020 campaign update 14a – member update

Forensicare EBA 2020 campaign update 14a – member update

ANMF Forensicare competition winners drawn

The ANMF ‘blitz’ campaign across Forensicare sites continues with our pledge competition winners drawn Wednesday 20 July.

ANMF is pleased to report strong member uptake of our pledge for more staff, safer workplaces and improved access to professional development.

One lucky member from Dame Phyllis Frost and one from Thomas Embling Hospital have received their complimentary conference tickets to the upcoming ANMF Psychological Hazards in Healthcare Conference in August. ANMF congratulates both winners for their commitment to this important campaign.

Runners up have also been notified and will receive a complimentary ANMF keep cup and free movie tickets.

ANMF would like to commend all members who have returned their pledge and a particular mention to those who gave a commitment to becoming an ANMF Job Representative or Health and Safety Representative. We know that organised workplaces with strong local union delegates mean better representation of members collectively. Now is the time to join ANMF, and if you are already a member, to consider becoming an ANMF delegate at Forensicare.

Workplace visits

The competition may be finalised, but the campaign is still going strong with visits commencing at Ravenhall Prison on 22 July 2021. Last week’s initial visits to Ravenhall were cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. Today’s visit will be an online meeting with your local Organiser Michael Stone and other branch staff. A reminder that you can still sign our pledge and show your commitment towards our campaign.

Enterprise bargaining negotiations

Negotiations for your new enterprise agreement continue, with ANMF continuing to meet with Forensicare, their representative, the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association (VHIA), the Victorian Department of Health and other unions regularly. Former Fair Work Commissioner David Gregory continues to attend and facilitate these meetings.

ANMF tabled our staffing claim for all prison-bed-based Forensicare sites on 8 June. This claim included an uplift of nursing numbers on the weekend across all wards at Thomas Embling and increases on both AM and PM shifts across the following units: Marrmak, AAU, St Paul’s, Erskine and Aire. On Monday 19 July, ANMF received a preliminary feedback response from Forensicare. Broadly, Forensicare has indicated some ‘potential’ support for an additional nurse being rostered in all units except the AAU and Daintree unit at Ravenhall (the claim was for one additional nurse on Saturday and Sunday).

This current campaign for better staffing, safety and professional development is based on our previous enterprise negotiations, your current log of claims and our May 2021 member 2021 survey which found that 72 per cent of Forensicare members said ‘more staff’ was their top priority. This is especially relevant in the context of the royal commission recommendation for an expansion of forensic mental health services in Victoria.

We know that your employer has not yet finalised their response to your claim. We also know that chronic understaffing a Thomas Embling and the prisons is impacting on staff morale, staff safety and retention of nurses at Forensicare right now. We want to hear from members in relation to these issues so that we can go back to the bargaining table armed with evidence to support your claim.

ANMF next meets with Forensicare on 30 July.

Bullying and harassment review

ANMF will meet with Forensicare on 3 August regarding this significant review. We understand that a report has been drafted and presented to the Forensicare chief executive officer. This report will be discussed at our upcoming meeting. We look forward to reporting back to members the outcome of this review and importantly, the responses and timelines around actions that will result as a result of this work.

ANMF/HESTA Forensic Mental Health Scholarship

Our ANMF/HESTA forensic mental health scholarship worth $3500 dollars is available for nurses working in at Forensicare, or in Forensic mental health roles. Terms and conditions apply, scholarship closes on 15 August 2021. Apply now.

What you can do right now

  1. Sign the pledgefill in online form.

  2. Consider becoming an ANMF Job Representative or Health and Safety Representative – it is crucial that we have enough Job Representatives and HSRs to work with the ANMF in advancing your claims, as well as represent you for Forensicare issues.
    Job Representative information
    Health and Safety Representative information

  3.  Report missed meal breaks and claim your entitlement for a paid meal break in the event you are not able to take a break. This is a an OHS issue and a fundamental provision in all enterprise agreements. If you regularly aren’t able to take a meal break, we want to hear from you.
  4. Report all near misses or actual incidents of occupational violence and aggression (OVA). Report it to your employer through Riskman but also to ANMF, using our OVA notification form

    We know that this is a serious issue, but we need to know the details so we can assist. Your employer is already required to effectively and proactively prevent OVA incidents in the first instance. There are also requirements for post-incident support and debriefing.

Should members have any queries in relation to the above, please contact your ANMF Industrial Relations Organiser (see below) via email at

Worksite ANMF Industrial Relations Organiser
Broadmeadows Magistrates Court Natalie Davies
Community Forensic Mental Health Service Nicole Brown
Dame Phyllis Frost Centre Mike Stone
Dandenong Magistrates Court Jackie Corbishley
Frankston Magistrates Court Amy Cooper
Heidelberg Magistrates Court Nicole Brown
Melbourne Assessment Prison Tara Hill
Melbourne Magistrates Court Lyndal Alston
Port Philip Prison Mike Stone
Ravenhall Correctional Centre Mike Stone
Ringwood Magistrates Court Kelly Arnett-Somerville
Thomas Embling Hospital Nicole Brown

2021 Collab Conference update

The Victorian Collaborative Mental Health Nursing Conference on 12 and 13 August 2021 is moving both days to an online format due to COVID-19 restrictions. ANMF is a joint host and major long-time supporter of this important conference. Tickets are still available