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Graduate options for international and other ineligible GNMP match students

Graduate options for international and other ineligible GNMP match students

Under Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) guidelines the following students are ineligible to participate in Graduate Nurse and Midwifery Program (GNMP) match for public sector graduate programs:

  • international full fee/temporary resident students
  • New Zealand permanent residents
  • students who completed their degree before January 2022; and
  • candidates currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery and are employed by a health service

If you are in one of the above categories, you have two options:

  1. Apply directly to private health services: many private health services have graduate programs, however you will need to search Seek or each private health service’s website and apply directly. As part of your research, you should also check the employee agreement to ensure you will benefit from quality working conditions, wages and entitlements.
  1. Apply for unmatched GNMP positions: from Monday 24 October, PMCV will release unmatched available positions that all students (regardless of eligibility) can apply for. Students need to apply directly to the health service websites.

Things to consider

International students will need to meet the criteria for NMBA (through AHPRA) registration as a registered nurse or midwife  and hold a current working visa.

To avoid delays, final year international students are urged to start their AHPRA applications early to ensure you obtain your AHPRA registration before you start working.

Pay particular attention to the English language requirements. All students registering with AHPRA need to ‘demonstrate evidence of their English language skills’.

Hot tips to help your application stand out

  1. Consider boosting your resume/CV with extra-curricular activities such as joining your student association, volunteer work, or undertake continued professional development (CPD) seminars, workshops or extra modules completed.
  2. Cover letters: show your passion – why are you excited about the specific graduate program? What about your skills, experience, etc. makes you a good fit for this health service? Ensure you pay attention to word count, layout, font style and size.
  3. Avoid mistakes and follow the instructions: the devil is in the detail – follow the instructions of each health service.
  4. Tailor your application to each health service: health service values, rotations, services all vary. Recruiters read hundreds of applications, so they know if you’re submitting a generic application.
  5. Do your homework: attend the health service grad program info session, call the contact person and ask questions, review the hospital’s strategic plan – know their mission and values.

Help is available, seek support early

This can be a stressful process, build up your support crew, talk to friends and family and if you feel like to you need to speak with someone seek help early.

  • Utilise your university career development/advice services
  • Seek professional support with Nursing Midwifery Health Program (NMHPV) – a free, confidential counselling service for students of nursing & midwifery: (03 9415 7551) or email.
  • Reach out to the ANMF Student support officer (Alice Pemberton) for further advice: