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7 questions to ask grad coordinators

7 questions to ask grad coordinators

Students interacting at 2018 Undergraduate Student Study Day. Photograph by Chris Hopkins

Students! Now is the time to start researching which health services offer grad programs that interest you.

Health services want graduates who’ve done their research and meet their values. At the same time, you need to see which health service is the best fit for you.

To help you narrow down which programs to apply for, we asked members for questions to ask graduate coordinators at the Nursing and Health expo, ANMF’s Ace it! or information nights.

  1. What opportunities and rotations do you offer grads?
  2. What guidance, support, supervision and or supernumerary days do you offer grads?
  3. How many educators/preceptors or support nurses or midwives do you have on per shift, and do they work all shifts?
  4. Are all grads expected to work a rotating roster? Is there a length of time to orientate to the ward before I would rotate onto night duty?
  5. How many study days are offered in my grad year?
  6. What support do you provide grads (e.g. wellbeing, counselling, clinical supervision)?
  7. Are the grad employment contracts fixed term or ongoing?

Visit ANMF at the Nursing and Health expo

Come along to ANMF (Vic Branch)’s ‘R U Ready for Grad 2024’ stand. Officials and staff will be there to answer questions. We’ll have a major prize draw each hour on the hour, including a $1,000 cash card, four nights at ANMF member accommodation in Bright, Ocean Grove or Melbourne CBD and a $300 MECCA gift card.

Saturday 20 April, 8.30am – 2.30pm
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (Bays 1 & 2)

Attend ANMF’s ‘Ace it’

If you’re a final year RN, RM and EN student, our two-part event will help you successfully transition to working nurse or midwife. You’ll leave feeling more confident about your applications and what to expect during your grad year.

Part 1: Thursday 9 May, 2pm-4pm (online)

  • PMCV Match with Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (optional for ENs)
  • Application process with Cecilia Ly, Graduate Nurse Coordinator, Austin Health

Part 2: Wednesday 5 June, 9am – 4pm (in-person at ANMF)

  • Acing your interviews, including mock interviews
  • Your pay and entitlements
  • Grad year experiences – what does that first year look like, and what do others wish they knew?
  • Your career pathways beyond your grad year

Plus, an opportunity to ask your seven questions to graduate program coordinators from metro and regional hospitals offering EN and RN/RM graduate programs.

Come along for door prizes, special guests – Two Humerus Nurses (podcast). Catch up with classmates over a catered lunch.

Invite your classmates and register today.