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EBA update 8: Negotiations on track

EBA update 8: Negotiations on track

Statewide delegates meeting

Job Reps from across the state attended an online meeting on 30 September for a public sector mental health EBA update.

ANMF provided delegates with an update on the negotiations for more than 80 ANMF claims.

Job Reps passed a resolution noting the progress made in negotiations since former Fair Work Commissioner David Gregory was appointed as mediator from 13 August and the number of items agreed in principle. Delegates also supported the aim of reaching an outcome as close to the nominated date of 15 October as possible, as has been agreed by all the parties

The resolution noted the volume of work still to be undertaken and directed the ANMF to hold a further update meeting with the outcome of the negotiations.

Read the 30 September resolution.

Negotiation meetings now twice a week

Meetings are being held twice a week with the employers’ representative, the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association (VHIA), the Department of Health and Human Services and the Health and Community Services Union (HACSU).

Many ANMF claims are based on the 2020–24 general public sector nurses and midwives agreement with the expectation that those 44 agreed claims ANMF achieved in bargaining for the nurses and midwives agreement, where relevant, will flow to our nurse members working in public mental health services.

At this stage, VHIA and HACSU are not supporting some of those 44 agreed claims. They are also not supporting other ANMF claims relating to community mental health nurses. ANMF is working to ensure mental health nurses are not left behind their colleagues working under the public sector nurses and midwives agreement

At the statewide meeting, ANMF told mental health Job Reps we would keep pressing for claims relating to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System’s interim report including the reintroduction of standalone mobile support teams and crisis assessment and treatment (CATT) teams, and claims to provide certainty about staffing of bed-based units.

The ANMF thanks all members for their support and welcomes the many new members who have joined the ANMF in recent months.

Forensicare agreement

Consistent with negotiations for public mental health services, Forensicare negotiations are between ANMF (Vic Branch), VHIA, DHHS and HACSU. In addition, the Victorian Psychologists Association Inc /Health Services Union Victoria No. 4 Branch (VPA), which is a bargaining representative for psychologists, has tabled a log of claims.

Forensicare bargaining has been postponed to progress discussions of the public sector mental health agreement. Many of the claims are common for both agreements so we do not expect this to delay the Forensicare EBA.

The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for 8 October.

Job Reps and HSRs

ANMF Organisers continue to make contact with ANMF Job Reps and members to obtain some information relating to our claims, and may be in contact with you again during our EBA campaign. ANMF is aware of the stressful work environment currently, so thank you for your assistance.

Become a Job Rep

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Stay informed and involved

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