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Drip IV – stop draining your nurses!

Drip IV – stop draining your nurses!

ANMF (Vic Branch) has recently assisted members employed by Drip IV Australia, which wasn’t paying correct wages and super.

Drip IV Australia claims to be ‘Australia’s leading IV vitamin experts’ and have administered over 50,000 IV vitamin services nationwide via their registered nurses. But there’s one problem – while RNs in Victoria have been delivering vitamins, Drip IV haven’t been paying their wages or superannuation.

A small group of ANMF members sought assistance in late November 2023 after they were unable to resolve the late and underpayment of wages, which in some cases had been going on for six months or more. Upon further investigation, these members discovered their superannuation funds received no contributions during this period.

Members had made several attempts to resolve this directly with their CEO Kristie Baird and received no response. Members then contacted ANMF. A number of attempts were made via numerous industrial mechanisms to no avail. This meant our members went into Christmas with significant amounts of wages owing (amounts between $4000 and $12000), and no commitment as to when these amounts would be paid.

In the process, ANMF discovered that Drip IV was forced into administration by a secured creditor in November. However, they came out of administration in December after reaching an agreed arrangement.

Our members also report that they haven’t received vitamin products for infusions and have to cancel appointments again because of non-payment of bills. These issues and the non-payment of wages and super are clear warning signs of a company in trouble.

ANMF referred these members to Gordon Legal for legal advice and representation, and to date this is pending an outcome.

Key learning

A key learning for members is that as soon as you aren’t paid correctly you should seek help. Don’t let weeks and months slip by before acting. Also regularly check that your payslips are accurate in terms of hours worked, any allowances payable, and that these amounts match what are being deposited into your bank account. It is also important that you regularly check your superannuation account to see that it is receiving regular contributions from all of your employers.

If you have concerns around your employment with Drip IV (or any other employer), or any other wage related concerns, please contact our Member Assistance team.