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ANMF (Vic Branch) reaches 100,000 members

ANMF (Vic Branch) reaches 100,000 members

In early 2024, ANMF (Vic Branch) reached a remarkable milestone with membership surpassing 100,000 nurses, midwives and personal care workers. Thank you to all of our members who have joined us and maintained their membership – many have been members for decades and throughout the entire careers.

As a member of the largest branch of the largest union in the country, you have extraordinary power. It is our strength in numbers that provides this power and helps us – and you – to achieve extraordinary outcomes for Victoria’s nurses, midwives and carers.

  • ANMF is the only union that secured, implemented, defended and improved the world’s first mandated, and legislated, nurse-to-patient and midwife-to-patient ratios (and is the only union advocating for mandated minimum ratios in Victoria’s private hospitals).
  • ANMF secured 2023’s historic 15 per cent private aged care pay rises (with a further increase to be announced by the Fair Work Commission this year).
  • ANMF negotiated the first paid parental leave for nurses and midwives.
  • ANMF bargaining and advocacy has resulted in qualification allowances, night duty allowances, ADOs, professional development leave, study leave, no-lifting policies and other improved occupational health and safety standards.
  • ANMF led the establishment of the independent, free and confidential Nurses and Midwives Health Program Victoria, which has proved so successful that a national model is launching this year, funded by the Albanese government.
  • ANMF is a leader in the health and sustainability space, spearheading the Victorian waste education in healthcare strategy, the creation of the public sector environmental health officer role, and initiatives including medication-vial plastic flip-cap recycling – as well as providing ongoing support, education and networking opportunities for nurses, midwives and carers interested in improving their sustainability at work.

We passed our last milestone – 90,000 members – just under four years ago (read a comprehensive survey of the 40-year history underpinning this achievement). This consistent growth, coupled with careful management of members’ funds, has allowed the Branch to keep membership fees steady – the last price rise occurred before any of us had even heard the word COVID-19 – while continuing to add to the core benefits and services we offer.

Benefits of membership: are you using them all?

The primary benefits of ANMF membership provide you with industrial, professional, OHS, educational and legal representation* and 24/7 access to quality advice and assistance when you have a problem at work or a question about your workplace entitlements and conditions.

Fully financial members receive professional indemnity and public liability insurance up to $10 million, as well as 24/7 Good Samaritan insurance**, and can access non-profit private health insurance through the Nurses & Midwives Fund.

You also have the Branch’s decades of expertise in negotiating workplace entitlements and conditions behind you. Have a look at what has been achieved in past EBA campaigns.

Significantly, in addition to the above, members also have access to numerous unique benefits and services, including:

  • Free and unlimited 24/7 continuing professional development (CPD) through our Education Portal, which features hundreds of online modules covering all areas of nursing, midwifery and caring practice. These modules are developed, and routinely revised, by experts in their field.
  • Further cost-effective CPD opportunities through regular events, conferences and seminars on issues of significance to nurses, midwives and carers.
  • Savings on everyday purchases – from your fuel, dining and travel to entertainment, electrical, bedding and white goods – as well as cash-back opportunities, through Union Shopper. One member told us, for example, that she saved almost $2000 off a new car by using Union Shopper!
  • Modern and award-winning accommodation options in Ocean Grove, Bright and the Melbourne CBD at up to 50 per cent off market rates.
  • Discounted movie tickets and merchandise, including nursing and midwifery quick reference cards, drip rate cards, graduate and student nurses’ essentials packs and more.
  • The ANMF Diary App, with shift planner and public sector pay calculator – giving you estimates for shift allowances, qualifications allowances, on-call allowances and more.
  • Access to the Branch Library, with ProQuest and CINAHL databases, as well as other specialist digital and print nursing and midwifery resources and research assistance.
  • Access to Australia’s only non-profit electricity retailer, Cooperative Power.
  • Discounted services from online conveyancer Settle Easy.
  • The opportunity to win free movie and entertainment tickets via regular publications bringing you up-to-date news and industry information.

Are there any other benefits?

Eligible members may also apply for a range of grants to assist with further education and study in clinical areas of need such as midwifery, mental health nursing and alcohol and other drugs.

A lesser-known but longstanding benefit of ANMF membership is the financial bonus for wards, units or small workplaces*** that achieve 100 per cent ANMF membership. The once-off financial bonus is a $20 per member reward, to be spent however members choose; the ongoing bonus is strength in numbers: workplaces with a greater density of ANMF members typically achieve higher wages and better conditions than workplaces with a lower density of ANMF members.

Don’t forget: your union membership fees are also tax deductible. Most ANMF members should receive at least 30 per cent of their fees paid in any financial year back as part of their tax return****.

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* subject to conditions

** unavailable for midwives in independent practice and independent nurses subject to approval on a case by case basis. Other exclusions apply. Visit

*** a ward, unit or small workplace with 10 or more nurses, midwives or carers

**** this does not constitute financial advice. Check with your tax adviser.