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You did what?!

You did what?!

Have you ever been ‘snapped’ at by your boss when you have tried to talk to them about an idea or project you are excited about? Have you ever received a very blunt email from a colleague? Have you ever written one? Ever heard a ‘tone-deaf’ joke at the workplace?

These are all examples of microbehaviours: small behaviours, often unintentional, that can multiply to affect personal safety in the workplace, and the workplace environment. This means they can also impact patient care.

Kirrily Buckett is ANMF (Vic Branch)’s Workplace Behaviours and Discrimination Officer. Her fun, interactive workshop will look at further examples of these behaviours and the effects they can have. It will also look at strategies for managers/leaders and team members to recognise and deal with these behaviours, and promote self-awareness of the impact of our own actions. There will be plenty of time for discussion and role plays.

Role play example

Considering consistent lateness to meetings

This role play focuses on the actions of a worker who is consistently late to meetings, frustrating the other participants and their manager in dealing with the issue.

Participants will work in teams of three to role play the issue of lateness to meetings and dealing with this as a manager. One member of the group will play Angela (NUM), one member will be Travis (RN) in the scenario and one member will play an observer, who will provide constructive feedback and generate small group discussion amongst their peers.

Time permitting, the group members will then rotate these roles around, so that each member gets the opportunity to play each role.