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What if I don’t get a graduate program?

What if I don’t get a graduate program?

Students interacting at 2018 Undergraduate Student Study Day. Photograph by Chris Hopkins

It’s disheartening to miss out on a graduate position through the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) allocation and placement service (also known as ‘computer match’), but don’t stress, you still have options.

Once the first and only round of offers are released and accepted, PMCV will email unsuccessful applicants with a list of unmatched hospital programs. While PMCV will also forward contact details of unmatched candidates to health services, you will need to apply directly with the health service. Check their website for details on their application process.

If you accept an offer from an unmatched hospital, you cannot accept or apply for another unmatched position from another health service.

Other options

If there’s a hospital in which you’d like to work but it is unlisted, contact them directly as they might have places available but aren’t using computer match.

Most private hospitals don’t participate in computer matching but offer graduate positions directly. Check their websites or contact their graduate program educators/coordinators.

Strongly consider interstate and rural/regional opportunities where there is a greater need to recruit nurses and midwives and are likely to have unmatched positions. The benefits can include a wide variety of clinical practice, support and attention. Again, check their websites or phone them.

Tip: Contacting the graduate coordinators/educators is your opportunity to make a positive impression and demonstrate your enthusiasm. Be professional and courteous as they will assess you from your first contact. They may also check your social media accounts, too.

What if I can’t secure a graduate place?

While graduate programs provide you with a structured and supported introduction, you can apply for a position based on merit, just as any other nurse or midwife would.

Some health facilities will provide ‘supported practice’ into the workforce, although it isn’t an official graduate year program. The aim is to provide a supported introduction by ways such as supernumerary support.

Joining a nurse bank may also appeal to some. Many hospitals offer an orientation program. The consistent presence in an organisation can be favourable when applying for a permanent position.

Further advice

The ANMF Graduate and Final Year Student Support Officer is here to assist you via