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The Voice to Parliament referendum: your questions answered

The Voice to Parliament referendum: your questions answered

With the referendum on an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament expected to occur in October, members understandably may still have questions – ranging from ‘what is a referendum?’ to ‘Will the Voice make a difference?’ and beyond.

ANMF is supporting a YES vote in the upcoming referendum, and in the interests of trying to cut through the misinformation and disinformation we have begun collecting trust-worthy resources and sources of information to help you navigate the next few months.

You can find these at

Get involved

We know this referendum will be won or lost by the conversations we have with people in our communities. Members who don’t want to wake up the morning after the referendum wondering if they could have done more are invited to join the campaign.

Register your expression of interest via the member portal. After you register, you will be contacted for more information – including your t-shirt size so we can provide you with an ANMF-specific ‘unions for yes’ campaign t-shirt.

Mass activist meeting

On Saturday 19 August, interested members are invited to join activists from all over Victoria to go coordinate mass days of action that will hit every suburb, workplace and train station in the state before referendum day!

This event is being organised by the Victorian Trades Hall Council, and will be held at the ANMF Building, 535 Elizabeth Street Melbourne, from 10:30am–12:30pm. RSVP via Trades Hall.

The Long Walk

On 21 November 2004, former Essendon midfielder and dual premiership player Michael Long – one of the most recognised Aboriginal players in AFL football – embarked on an historic trek, walking from his home in the suburbs of Melbourne all the way to Parliament House in Canberra.

His aim was to meet with then-prime minister John Howard to get Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues back on the national agenda. He was joined on the road by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal supporters from all over Australia. They started walking out of frustration and pain but as they walked they began to understand that Australians from all walks of life had been looking for a way to express their support for Aboriginal culture for a long time.

Michael Long plans to walk again this year, in late August and September. ANMF (Vic Branch) will be sponsoring one day of the walk and members who are willing and able are encouraged to join in and walk – for an hour, a day or as long as you able – or to attend town hall meeting. Keep an eye out for more details soon.