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Graduate nurses: take the survey

Graduate nurses: take the survey

Nurses and midwives in Victoria continue to work under the most challenging circumstances of our generation.

New graduates are commencing their careers and joining an inspirational workforce, but they also face immense pressure and their preparation and support could not be more important than it is now.

New graduates are providing invaluable support to our existing nurses and midwives as well as caring for patients, with many graduates having worked as Registered Undergraduate Students of Nursing and/or Midwifery (RUSON/RUSOM) during the COVID 19 response thus far.

Reports suggest such nursing-related employment may positively influence graduate nurses’ transition to practice. But more research is needed to explore the full impact that work has on their preparation.

Libby Muir, a University of Melbourne masters student researching the student nurse employment experience, is seeking to survey graduate nurses to explore their experience of becoming a nurse and any influence working while studying may have had on their learning and confidence.

Libby is currently inviting graduate nurses to complete an online survey. The survey should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

The results will have no identifying information and answers are confidential. If you would like to participate, you can do so online.

Graduate nurses’ contribution to this study could help to shape the future nursing workforce. Participants completing the survey will have the opportunity to go into a draw to win one of five cash vouchers valued at $100 each to spend as they choose.

If you would like more information, please contact Libby Muir:, 0413 834 979 or visit

This project has human research ethics approval from the University of Melbourne (reference: 2022-24159-29152-5).