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Were you a RUSON/M before starting your grad year?

Were you a RUSON/M before starting your grad year?

If you were employed as a RUSON/RUSOM prior to starting your graduate program, accruals such as personal leave (not including casuals), annual leave (not including casuals) and long service leave balances should rollover into your graduate employment contract.

If you:

  • remain with the same employer this should transfer automatically. Please check first pay slip as a graduate registered nurse or midwife and if its incorrect, contact your employer’s HR department in writing.
  • change employer but remain within the public health service you can rollover your personal leave and long service leave entitlements, but you must commence with your new employer within an allowable period of absence. Clause 4.1(d) of the nurses and midwives agreement 2020-2024, defines the allowance period of absence as five weeks in addition to the total period of paid annual, long service or personal leave which the employee actually receives on termination of employment which they are paid in lieu. All annual leave must be paid out by your old employer. You must provide evidence (e.g. certificate of service) to your new employer’s HR. This certificate should be supplied by your old employer within 14 days of ceasing employment with them.

*NB: if you are transferring to a different employer within the public sector, there is a cap of 180 working days that can transfer to the new employer.

If you have any follow up questions or need assistance, contact member assistance.

Also remember, any time you change your employer or your ward update your details on the member portal.