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COVID-19 newsflash #35: COVID-19 return to COVID-safe summer restrictions

Return to COVID-safe summer restrictions, PPE guidance updated and participate in vaccine preparedness research

Restrictions return to COVID-Safe Summer

Victoria will return to its pre-Christmas COVID-safe settings from 11.59pm, Friday 26 February allowing for 30 visitors in the home, mask wearing only in high-risk environments and increasing the number of office workers to 75 per cent.

PPE requirement changes

The Victorian Department of Health has updated its PPE guidance for healthcare workers in response to the lower risk of COVID-19 in the community.

Tier 3 PPE is now only required for high-risk suspected COVID-19 and confirmed COVID-19 patients and residents. It is also required for low-risk suspected COVID-19 patients and residents undergoing aerosol generating procedures and at risk of or demonstrating aerosol generating behaviours (for example, yelling).

Tier 1 no longer requires eye protection.

Federal ANMF vaccine evidence resources

Federal ANMF is publishing evidence information sheets explaining the new vaccines.

Resources include ‘How do the Covid-19 vaccines work?’ and ‘Safety and reactogenicity of COVID-19 vaccines’.  The papers cover evidence in relation the Pfizer/BioNtech mRNA vaccine and the Oxford/AstraZeneca viral vector vaccine.

The resources are being developed by the Federal ANMF’s national policy research unit.

COVID-19 vaccine survey

Researchers from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and partners want to know your questions, concerns, motivating factors and communication needs relating to COVID-19 vaccination.

The research team want to understand what information you and your patients need to make decisions about getting vaccinated. This is an opportunity to help shape the communication messages and resources developed to support the COVID-19 vaccination program in Victoria.

Complete the 10-minute survey

The survey can be completed anonymously or you can provide details to win one of eight gift vouchers.

If you have any questions, contact Dr Jessica Kaufman/Murdoch Children’s Research Institute on 03 9345 4890 or

COVID-19 vaccination workforce frequently asked questions

A reminder that COVID-19 newsflash #34 included COVID-19 vaccination workforce frequently asked questions.

This newsflash was updated on 26 February with information about payments for undertaking the Victorian vaccination training and how Victoria will find its vaccination workforce, including the results of the ANMF workforce survey.

This FAQ newsflash will be updated as more information becomes available. If you are interested in undertaking the required education and participating in this workforce, we recommend you bookmark this newsflash.

Other COVID-19-related information for healthcare workers

Healthcare Infection Prevention and Wellbeing Taskforce documents

  1. COVID-19 Best practice approaches for safe staff amenities for health services
  2. Victoria’s respiratory protection program
  3. Victoria’s respiratory protection program guidelines
  4. Daily attestations: frequently asked questions
  5. Protecting our healthcare workers action plan

Victorian Department of Health infection prevent and control resources

Don’t bring it home: guide to minimise the risk of infection

ANMF (Vic Branch) has developed a guide to assist you in relation to returning home from work after a shift. Job Reps and HSRs are encouraged to print the poster which is part of this PDF newsflash. You can also download the ‘Protocols for entering your home and minimising the risk of infection’ A4 poster [PDF].