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Check your WorkCover payments

Check your WorkCover payments

Do you have a WorkCover claim and a request has been made for the agent to pay you directly?

ANMF has been made aware of multiple members who have been advised by their WorkCover agent that the agent will soon commence paying members’ weekly payments directly. The Branch has some concerns about this.

For members who have an active WorkCover claim, it is their employer’s responsibility to continue paying their wages in the form of weekly payments. But the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation Act 2013 allows for some instances where the agents can become a direct payer to the injured worker.

This is generally done at the request of the injured worker if their employment has ceased, the employer is failing to provide for weekly payments or there has been a breakdown in the employer–employee relationship. But the members who have contacted us have been advised, without consultation, that their agent will now become a direct payer for their weekly payments.

Our concern is many members will have an entitlement to accrue annual leave and personal leave while receiving weekly payments. But if the agent becomes a direct payer, members may not receive these entitlements, and they will become harder to track.

ANMF has raised these concerns with WorkSafe directly, who have advised that they too have noted an increase in agents becoming direct payers. We have requested that their policy is reviewed to minimise this, and we are due to meet with WorkSafe representatives to discuss further.

If you have a WorkCover claim and have been advised that the agent will become your direct payer, please contact the ANMF for assistance via: . Our advice to members is to reject this request as it may have negative impacts on your entitlement to accrue annual leave and personal leave.