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Aged care IPC leads approach education deadline

Aged care IPC leads approach education deadline

Clinical nurses employed as infection prevention and control (IPC) leads in aged care facilities are expected to have completed their specialist education and training by 28 February.

In November 2020, the Australian Government declared that all aged care homes receiving federal funding were expected to have a clinical nurse employed as an infection prevention and control lead by 1 December 2020.

The government also set a deadline of 28 February 2021 for nominated IPC leads to complete a suitable IPC course.

For an IPC course to be deemed suitable, it must:

  • focus on infection prevention and control
  • be specified at the level of Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Level 8
  • be delivered by a recognised education or training provider
  • have an assessment, or assessments, that facilitate successful completion of the course.

The Federal Government has required that IPC leads enrolled in courses after 31 December 2020 must have an identified date for completion that is prior to 28 February 2021.

By now all nominated aged care IPC leads should have completed the Federal Government’s COVID-19 infection control online training modules, specifically:

  • Infection control training – COVID 19
  • all aged care modules, except 2.2 or 9.2 which relate to home care.

Aged care providers were required to report IPC lead personnel details to the federal Department of Health by 31 December 2020. The Department of Health will be contacting providers who have not yet reported or misreported their IPC leads through the My Aged Care Provider Portal. Providers must update changes to nominated IPC leads immediately, through the portal.

An IPC lead:

  • must be a member of the nursing staff who has completed (or initially is in the process of completing) an identified IPC course
  • must be employed by and report to the provider
  • observes, assesses and reports on IPC of the service
  • helps develop procedures
  • provides advice within the service
  • must work on site and be dedicated to a facility
  • may have a broader role in the facility, and could be an existing member of the nursing staff.

Members with queries relating to the IPC lead requirements can contact Member Assistance via our online form.