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Towards elimination of seclusion and restraint conference: achieving safety for all

Towards elimination of seclusion and restraint conference: achieving safety for all

With the new mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022 now in force, the Branch is aware that one of the aspects causing members the most concern, and confusion, is around the elimination of seclusion and restraint. We will be holding a one-day conference on Thursday 12 October with the aim of answering your questions.

The conference will explore the range of possible impacts of the elimination strategy on various clinical areas of nursing and midwifery, with a view towards achieving safety for all involved. It is ideal for:

  • ED nurses unsure of what the elimination of restraint would mean when you have a patient presenting with behaviours of concern
  • mental health nurses wanting to hear more about alternative methods and models to restrictive interventions that are already out there
  • ICU or theatre nurses who feel nervous about what strategies you can implement when your patient wakes up delirious trying to self-extubate
  • Midwives working to achieve woman-centred care in the context of complex clinical presentations.

The elimination strategy was a recommendation arising from the Royal Commission’s final report into Victoria’s mental health system, released in 2021. As a result, ANMF has been a key stakeholder, working with the Victorian Department of Health and others to develop this strategy.

It has been evident from ANMF member consultation and broader discussions that this important work requires further exploration and consideration. Key concerns voiced by members are that the strategy needs to be more inclusive of nurses and midwives; it needs to consider the existing and potential alternatives to seclusion and restraint; and include a stronger emphasis on occupational health and safety for the clinical workforce.

Presentations will include:

  • The new Mental Health and Wellbeing Act, and its relationship to the elimination strategy
  • ICU and ED nursing perspectives on restraint and seclusion
  • Current and emerging evidence regarding seclusion and restraint
  • Examples of current improvement work already underway and a successful (alternative) hospital in the home model
  • The experience of families, carers and supporters in relation to seclusion and restraint.

Panel sessions will explore how we can achieve safety across clinical settings.

The conference will be held at the Carson Conference Centre, ANMF (Vic Branch), 535 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, and will attract six CPD hours. Regional members travelling to Melbourne for the conference can book significantly discounted accommodation at ANMF House, opposite the venue.

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