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Sexual harassment in the workplace – public comment now open

ANMF members are invited to contribute to new workplace reforms in Victoria that aim to prevent and better respond to sexual harassment in workplaces.

As part of the reform process, ANMF as a VTHC affiliate is participating in the Ministerial Taskforce on Workplace Sexual Harassment which is investigating four pillars:

  • preventing sexual harassment from occurring
  • supporting workers to report sexual harassment
  • enforcing compliance when there is a breach of occupational health and safety duties
  • raising awareness and promote accountability in workplaces

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) 2018 national survey found that 33 per cent of respondents who had been in the workforce in the last five years experienced workplace sexual harassment.

A consultation paper has been developed with the public invited to comment on a series of set questions. Members can either:

  1. contribute to ANMF’s submission (Via: Att: Kathy Chrisfield, sexual harassment comment) by 19 July, or
  2. provide your own to Engage Victoria by 26 July.