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Nurse practitioner funding packages

Nurse practitioner funding packages

A 2022 round of funding has been announced by the Victorian Health Department for regional nurse practitioner candidates.

The Victorian Nurse Practitioner Program (VNPP) is offering the funding to regional Health Service Partnerships, which can apply for what they call a nurse practitioner candidate support package. These packages are designed to increase the number or nurse practitioners working ‘at the health/aged care interface’, which in turn aim to improve opportunities for aged care residents to access the health care they need from their place of residence.

The funding is part of a partnership with the department’s Priority Population Groups and Communities unit. It was held over for the last two years as the department diverted money into the COVID response.

The nurse practitioner candidate support packages are worth $42,500 per candidate. The funding will be provided to health services as a contribution towards the costs of providing clinical and professional supervision and mentorship to a nurse practitioner candidate.

Eligible regional and rural health services can apply for a support package for a registered nurse who is already employed in, or yet to be recruited into, an advanced practice role leading to endorsement as a nurse practitioner.

Applications close on Thursday 28 April 2022 at 5pm, and must be made using the Regional Health Service Partnership Victorian Nurse Practitioner Candidate Support Package Application template. Late, or incomplete, applications will not be considered.

Guidelines for applying and further information are available from the Department of Health.

Nurse Practitioner Scholarships

In addition to the nurse practitioner candidate support packages, individual nurse practitioners undertaking postgraduate study may be eligible for scholarships via the VNPP scholarship program. To apply, nurse practitioners should speak with their employer (Director of Nursing and Midwifery/Chief Nursing Officer or education unit) directly.