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Five minutes with Rosie

Five minutes with Rosie

Rosie Raftellis, nursing student

Second year Bachelor of Nursing student Rosie Raftellis shares her nursing school experience so far.

What would you love to specialise in?

At this stage I have no idea. I have so many different interests and would love to try oncology, ICU, haematology, PACU and emergency. I’m sure I will figure it out as I get closer to finishing and have more placement experiences.

How did your first year of uni go?

Challenging! COVID-19 hit, and everything was moved online so we spent an entire year learning on Zoom. Our lab classes finally went ahead but we had very limited hours to practice our skills. It was also stressful with uncertainty surrounding clinical placement, but we survived and made it to second year.

What are your course highlights?

Going on placement and getting to put my skills into action. Also, I received a fellowship for second year.

What has been your biggest learning curve?

Transitioning my textbook knowledge onto the floor while on placement. In the two weeks I learnt more than I did in a year’s study. and was able to participate in some incredible learning experiences. It confirmed for me that nursing is where I’m supposed to end up.

What advice do you have for first year students?

Take advantage of every opportunity on placement. Try to get involved in everything or observe procedures outside your scope of practice.

While I was on placement, I followed my buddy nurse like a shadow and asked them questions about everything they were doing or our patients’ conditions. I think it gave them the confidence to let me do as many tasks as allowed. Eventually, by the end of placement I took care of one patient’s needs by myself.

The educators were also amazing, and they challenged my knowledge. So, I would look up and study as many things as possible about my patients between shifts so that I could answer their questions.

Nursing is an intense degree, so you must make time to commit to consistently studying. Pocket flash cards became one of my favourite ways to revise and I would take them on placement for quick reminders on the wards.

Also, a little bit of Vicks on the inside of your nose helps for any overwhelming smells you may come across!

What do you like to do outside your studies?

Outside of nursing I cheerlead so whenever I’m not studying, you’ll find me at training or being lazy on the couch catching up on Netflix.