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Five minutes with Emma

Five minutes with Emma

Emma Wright is new enrolled nurse student who began her studies in 2019 after working  in the disability sector.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I have always been passionate and interested in the special needs field, and I really enjoy helping people. So, for my year 10 work experience, I went to a specialist school and an aged care facility.

After high school, I completed a Certificate IV in Disability at Bendigo TAFE and Diploma of Community Services. I worked in disability for a few years before deciding to become an enrolled nurse. I thought “what have I got to lose?”.

While studying, I still worked part time with my clients. I finished my six-month grad program at the end of July and have continued working at Kerang District Health (KDH) which I absolutely love.

What would you like to specialise in?

I haven’t thought about that yet. I’m still enjoying my current position as an aged care, medical and theatre nurse.

At KDH, ENs can rotate between aged care and the acute ward. I took up that offer to broaden my knowledge and clinical skills and be exposed to a wide range of residents and patients with chronic conditions.

Recently I started in the day surgery unit, involving admitting and discharging people in theatre and caring for them pre- and post-surgery, which I am enjoying.

How has your grad year (or first year of work) gone so far?

I have absolutely loved it. All the staff are very approachable and are always willing to help. It took me a while to get used of not having someone looking over my shoulder when doing certain tasks e.g. administering medications.

My clinical nurse educator was amazing; very approachable and always willing to help. She delivered the right amount of professional development days. I always looked forward to them because she always had something new to bring each time that was engaging and informative.

What have been the highlights so far?

Working alongside my older sister Courtney who is a registered nurse. I really enjoy working with her.

What have been the biggest learning curves you’ve experienced?

I think the main thing is no two nurses are the same. Every nurse has their own routines and works differently.

Once you start nursing, you get to know your own routine and how you want to work. I like to think I am versatile and easy to work with, I just go with the flow and am not stuck in my ways.

What advice would you give to other students/future grads?


My study tips:

  • allow yourself plenty of time to complete the assessments and don’t leave it to the last minute
  • do the pre-reading your teacher has set
  • ensure you have your head around referencing

My tips for future grad nurses:

  • build a good rapport with your clinical nurse educator
  • have confidence to ask lots of questions if you don’t understand something (no question is a silly question)
  • be open to learning and trying new ways of performing a task

Nursing is a very rewarding job and it’s an honour to care for someone’s loved ones at a vulnerable time.

How do you wind down?

Most of the time I wind down by exercising, either going for a walk, run or to the gym. However, some days I just want to put my pyjamas on, lay on the couch and watch TV.

Once you start working ensure you have a good work/life balance, continue to catch up with friends, take some time out for yourself and do self-care hobbies you enjoy.