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Exclusive $50 ANMF member sign-on code for CoPower

Exclusive $50 ANMF member sign-on code for CoPower

Cooperative Power (also known as CoPower) is a new way for union members to buy clean, affordable and sustainable energy and build a better future.

CoPower are offering ANMF (Vic Branch) members a $50 sign-on bill credit when you switch your home’s electricity to CoPower by end of April.

All you need to do is add 9004999 to the referral section when you sign up to get your $50 bill credit. You can sign up via their website or phone 9068 6036.

If you’d like to compare what you’re currently paying, grab your latest electricity bill and call 9068 6036 for a no obligation quote.

ANMF (Vic Branch) is a member of CoPower which makes members eligible to join. And as a member of CoPower, there are other discounts available to you.

As a customer of Australia’s only non-profit and cooperative energy retailer, your electricity payments can contribute to climate justice. CoPower customer members are able to vote for spending on projects that ‘do good’ through a democratic participatory voting system.

Members are also encouraged to show their support for Australia’s Just Transition to a renewable energy future and sign the Australian Union’s petition for a National Energy Transition Authority.