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Birthing on country documentary begins screening soon

Birthing on country documentary begins screening soon

Screenings begin in September for Djäkamirr, a documentary filmed in remote Arnhem Land.

Co-produced by the Molly Wardaguga Research Centre, Djäkamirr follows the journey of Ḻäwurrpa and Sarah through ‘ancestral time, country and culture to empower community and reclaim childbirth’.

Filmed over a two-year period on-country in Arnhem Land, the documentary shares Yolŋu women’s culture and their aspirations for maternity services.

‘This is a journey of hope, demonstrating that when Yolŋu and Balanda (non-Yolŋu) Australians work together, positive change and community empowerment is possible’, said Ḻäwurrpa Maypilama and Patrick Josse in their directors’ statement.

Screenings across Melbourne and Geelong cinemas begin Monday 6 September (Sun Theatre Yarraville) until Thursday 14 October (Hoyts Eastland).