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Ask Zena: pregnancy in your grad year and Computer Match preparations

Ask Zena: pregnancy in your grad year and Computer Match preparations

Starting your career as a professional nurse or midwife can be challenging and daunting. If you have a general question for our Graduate and Final Year Student Support Officer, Zena Coffey, go to

Hi Zena,

What do I do if I get pregnant during my grad year?


If you become pregnant during your graduate year, your employer cannot force you to resign nor deny you accommodations to ensure you are safe during your pregnancy.

Your entitlements to parental leave are outlined in your enterprise bargaining agreement. For instance, in the public sector EBA, you need to have completed 12 months of continuous service to the health service to access 12 months parental leave.

Unfortunately, many graduates haven’t achieved this unless they have been working for the health service prior as an enrolled nurse, RUSON or assistant in nursing.

However, you are entitled to unpaid leave and your employer must provide you with the opportunity to complete your graduate year when you return from leave.

If you are working for a private facility the same entitlement stands.

Conditions regarding breastfeeding spaces and family-friendly working conditions upon your return will also be outlined in your enterprise agreement. Your employer cannot discriminate against you for your caring responsibilities.

Dear Zena,

I’m in my final year of my course, what should I be doing to prepare for computer match?


The best time to start your application process is the start of your final year of your studies.

Have you decided which health services interest you? Researching what they offer will help you with your applications.

You can start with ensuring your resume is up-to-date and drafting your cover letters.

Your cover letter is also an important part of your application. Ensuring this is professional, succinct and polish will assist in drawing the graduate coordinators attention.

Completing extra courses in areas of interest will also help your application stand out. Our online CPD portal has an array of online modules. Completing some of these modules and including them in your resume will demonstrate your initiative to learn. Don’t forget ANMF student members receive an $80 annual credit to use on the CPD Portal and working student members receive a $400 annual credit. Credit is renewed every July.

Finally, register to stream our undergraduate student study day where you can learn more tips on your applications. This year, ANMF will be delivering our study day presentations online over four days – with a range of focused presentations across Monday 15 – Thursday 18 June from 11am each day.