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Work shouldn’t hurt: occupational health and safety survey

Work shouldn’t hurt: occupational health and safety survey

ANMF (Vic Branch) and other Australian unions are conducting the third national survey about workers’ experience of health and safety in the workplace.

The survey will build on our understanding of your experience at work, what is important to you and what you think could be improved.

This year we have added some questions for specific groups of workers – those exposed to airborne contaminants, and those experiencing menopause-like symptoms that may affect their work.

We want to find out what employers are doing about these issues, and along with other unions we will use the results when campaigning and advocating for changes.

This builds on the great use unions made of the results in the last two years around mental health and work, drawing upon the experience of more than 40,000 workers sharing their stories about workplace mental health.

Now all states and territories have agreed to introduce strong regulations designed to protect workers’ mental health.

You can read the reports for the 2022 survey and the 2021 survey.

The survey is open until Friday 11 August 2023.

Official Work Shouldn’t Hurt 2023 survey link: