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Women’s Work: why you should join us at the International Women’s Day rally

Women’s Work: why you should join us at the International Women’s Day rally

ANMF (Vic Branch) 2023 summer interns Hollie Bolton, Celeste Davies and Alia De Savery

For many women in 2023, International Women’s Day is synonymous with corporate brunches, cupcakes at work, and keynote speeches from #girlbosses and politicians. As nurses, midwives and carers, we know that we deserve more than breakfast and empty platitudes. We deserve change. This International Women’s Day, we invite you to ditch the cupcakes and join together with our fellow unionists at the Union Women rally.

Join us in solidarity with our fellow trade unionists and healthcare workers, to recognise the women who have paved our way, and to honour the women who continue to fight for better care for each other, for our communities, and for ourselves. So mark your calendars for 8 March and join us for the global movement for women’s rights and gender equality.

Top 5 reasons we should attend:

1: We deserve safety, respect and equality in our workplaces

We know that nursing, midwifery and care work are female dominated professions, which are historically undervalued, underpaid and overworked. By marching this International Women’s Day under the slogan ‘safe, respected and equal’, we are acknowledging that this fight is far from over and we are tired of the lack of appreciation and the pay disparity for so-called ‘women’s work’.

2: Advocate for women’s health

As healthcare workers, we know firsthand the unique health challenges that women and gender diverse people face. Attending an International Women’s Day rally is a chance to advocate for policies that promote women’s health, such as access to reproductive healthcare and addressing healthcare disparities that disproportionately affect women and gender diverse people.

3: Celebrate our history

In 1986, nurses in our union went on strike for 50 days to fight for their community, for respect, and for the workplace rights that were so desperately needed. Their achievement is not only a clear expression of the community mindedness of our profession, but also the strength of the union movement to not only fight for safety and conditions in our workplaces, but also to fight against sexist ideas.

We should celebrate the nursing unionists whose commitment and bravery challenged every preconception about who a nurse must be, and who a trade unionist is. We inherit a legacy that nurses are unionists, professionals, and leaders in our communities, not the obedient and self-sacrificing martyrs that they have so often been perceived to be. That is something worth celebrating.

4: Join the global fight

Nurses around the country and internationally are taking action against poor working conditions for both themselves and their patients. We have seen nurses and midwives worldwide taking unprecedented industrial action, striking for ratios and safe staffing levels.

Show your solidarity for a fight that is not only theirs, but ours as well, and stand united with nurses, midwives and cares around the world on International Women’s Day.

5: We’re stronger

Rallies are powerful and electrifying community events that connect us with our fellow unionists and inspire us to fight for more. We stand with women workers across all industries and organise for equality.

Poster designed by Hollie Bolton

Poster designed by Hollie Bolton