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Winter retention and surge payment

Winter retention and surge payment

Special public sector newsflash

The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, recently announced a payment for public sector health workers, including nurses and midwives, in recognition of the challenges for health services and staff as we continue through this difficult period.

All staff employed in public health services, and Ambulance Victoria will be eligible for a payment of up to $3000.

Part-time, casual and new staff employed on or after 1 July, who are still employed on 30 September 2022, will be eligible for a pro-rata equivalent of the payment.

Payment will occur over two pay periods, 15 August and 30 September.

ANMF has now concluded discussions with the Victorian Department of Health on the detail around the payment.

The $3000 is for full-time employees. For part-time and casual employees, it will be a pro-rata amount based on the hours you work in those two periods, up to a capped amount of $3000.

The payment is subject to tax.

Agency staff are not eligible.

What is the eligibility period?

A period of 3 months from 1 July 2022 until 30 September 2022.

What if I am on paid leave?

An employee on paid leave will be eligible, based on their contracted FTE.

What if I am on parental leave?

If your parental leave started on or after 15 August 2021, you will be eligible for the payment at your contracted FTE.

If your parental leave started before 15 August 2021, you will only be eligible in respect to any shifts you actually work between 1 July and 30 September.

(The above dates are correct.)

What if I am on unpaid leave?

Employees on unpaid leave for part of the eligibility period are not entitled to payment for that part of the eligibility period. A pro-rated payment based on their contracted FTE will apply to any hours worked or paid leave hours taken during the eligibility period only.

What if I am on WorkCover?

For the purpose of this payment, WorkCover is treated as a form of paid leave. If you are a current full-time or part-time employee and meet other eligibility criteria, then you are entitled to the payment prorated based on your contracted FTE.

Casual staff in receipt of workers compensation payments on WorkCover leave will have their payment calculated based on their hours worked during the eligibility period.

I work at multiple public health services; will I be eligible for the payment from each health service?

Yes, the payment will be pro-rated against your actual hours worked at each health service provided you meet all other eligibility criteria, and the maximum amount payable is capped based on a 38-hour week.

I am a new public health employee but commenced work after 1 July 2022. Am I eligible for the payment?

Yes, new employees that are either full-time, part-time or casual will be eligible for the payment if they commenced after 1 July 2022 and remain employed as at 15 August 2022 (for the first payment) and 30 September 2022 (for the second payment). The payment will be calculated pro rata based on the period of time that the employee has been employed for and based on their FTE or actual hours worked (as applicable).

My FTE has changed during the eligibility period. How is the payment calculated?

The payment is calculated based on hours worked. So, for any period you worked as either a part-time employee or casual, only the hours worked will contribute to your pro-rata payment. Similarly, if you are full-time but take a period of leave without pay, your payment will be pro-rata based on actual hours worked. The split payments will be calculated based on the hours worked in each of the two payment periods.

I have changed employers with the public health system during the eligibility period. Am I eligible for the payment?

Yes, as long as you remain employed as at 15 August 2022 for the first payment and as at 30 September 2022 for the second payment. Proof of employment will be required. This may be by way of certificate of employment from your previous employer including your hours worked or contracted FTE. Where you were employed on those two key dates will determine which employer pays the support payment. If evidence from your previous employer is not provided, you may not be eligible for payment for that part of the eligibility period.

I work in public aged care, am I eligible?

Yes, all employees of public health services, including PSRACS, are eligible regardless of clinical area. However, the residential aged care service must be one that is operated by a public health service to be eligible.

My contracted FTE is less that my usual hours worked – what should I do?

The payment will be based on actual hours worked, but health services are being encouraged to monitor shift patterns of workers and if there is a regular pattern of additional shifts beyond your contracted FTE, a contract variation should be actioned to ensure the payment is based on an accurate FTE for the eligibility period.

Further inquiries

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This newsflash was edited to confirm the parental leave dates are correct.