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Why grad members have an advantage

Why grad members have an advantage

To all graduates starting this year – welcome to nursing and midwifery.

You’ve chosen to be part of wonderful professions that are rewarding and challenging.

As you transition from student to nurse or midwife, you’ll be inundated with information. Whether you are an enrolled nurse, a registered nurse or a midwife, if you are reading this you already have an advantage. ANMF is here to support you having a positive graduate experience, answer your questions, provide advice and in some cases you may need us to represent you.

Raise issues early

We tell all members in their graduate year that if they are experiencing an issue at work to contact the ANMF graduate and final year officer. You may have a question about the code of ethics, delegation or scope of practice. You may be concerned about not having enough support in your graduate program. You may be worried about workplace safety. Don’t let things fester, contact ANMF early. This is when you have the best chance to resolve your issue.

It is important to remember ANMF only exists because of nurses and midwives becoming members. That’s why we only provide services and benefits to our members. This means that you must be an ANMF member at the time of an incident or issue to receive ANMF advice, support and if needed representation.

Your health and wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing are really important. Many new nurses and midwives find they need a little extra support in their graduate year. If you’re not coping, contact the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria sooner rather than later.

The NMHPV is a free, confidential and independent counselling and support service run by nurses for nurses and midwives. Services are available in regional and metropolitan Victoria.

Graduates typically present to the NMHPV with generalised stress and anxiety commonly exacerbated by time-management challenges or difficulties adapting to shiftwork.

You’ll get lots of inspiration to take care of yourself at the Nurses and Midwives Wellness Conference in May. Please think about registering to attend. You are likely to be eligible for continuing professional development leave.

Creating sustainable health services

ANMF recognises that climate change and environmental sustainability are matters of public health.

There are many opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle in health services. Each year, Victorian public health services spend $18 million removing 40,000 tonnes of waste. ANMF members are leading the way in creating more sustainable health services. If you are interested in being a part of this change and learning practical strategies think about attending our Health and Environment Sustainability Conference in May. To find events, information and links join our Green Nurses Facebook

And while on the subject of social media, please get to know and follow the social media policies of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, your employer and the ANMF (Vic Branch). Best case scenario inappropriate posts can cause heartache. Worst case scenario, they can cost you your job.

Welcome again, we look forward to you joining ANMF (if you haven’t already) and hope you have a wonderful grad year.