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Wear your solidarity on your sleeve

Wear your solidarity on your sleeve

ANMF (Vic Branch) is proud to stand with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTQIA+ members and their patients, clients , consumers and their families of all backgrounds, genders, orientations and abilities.

Diversity and inclusion is as much about health care as it is about human rights, which is why the Branch – and the Federation nationally – advocates for social change to remove stigma and discrimination and to promote equitable access to health care.

As part of our commitment to this work, the Branch is undertaking a Reconciliation Action Plan under the guidance of Reconciliation Australia. We are also actively involved in the Unions for Yes campaign.

We have long advocated for LGBTQIA+ rights, and have recently supported the formation of the member-led LGBTQIA+ reference group.

We have a proud history of advocating for action on environmental, sustainability and climate justice issues, and our core business supports the ongoing fight for equal rights and equality for all.

We know members are as passionate about these issues as we are, and we have recently introduced a range of badges you can pin to your scrubs or lanyards to let your colleagues and patients know your pronouns, or that you stand in solidarity with them and they can approach you in safety to ask for information or help.

Pins available include:

  • the Aboriginal flag
  • the Torres Strait Islander flag
  • the progressive flag
  • pronoun pins (they/them; she/her; he/his)
  • Green Team

Visit the ANMF (Vic Branch) webshop to see the full range available.