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Walk a mile in the shoes of someone with dementia

Walk a mile in the shoes of someone with dementia

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There’s a well-known phrase ‘you can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes’. Thanks to virtual reality technology, it’s easier to walk in the shoes of someone with dementia.

ANMF Education Centre, through Dementia Australia, is offering nurses and personal care workers a virtual reality experience to better understand the world through the eyes of a person with dementia.

Enabling EDIE (educational dementia immersive experience) is a three-hour workshop using virtual reality headsets and will be held on Tuesday 30 March 2021, with three CPD hours.

Participants experience the altered perceptions of a person living with dementia impacts as they go through everyday life tasks.

You’ll gain a better insight and empathy how this altered perception impacts on their emotional state. For instance, certain objects or sounds could be confusing or frightening and increase distress.

Additionally, you’ll be more informed when developing dementia support plans for a person living with dementia.

For more information, go to Enabling EDIE dementia virtual reality session on the CPD Portal.