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Vote to fix aged care – election 2022

After twenty-five years of campaigning, aged care has finally become a major election issue.

This federal election is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for voters to fix the crisis in aged care.

On 13 August 2021, ANMF Federal Secretary Annie Butler wrote to all the political parties seeking their commitments on the key issues urgently needed, as recommended by the royal commission.

As part of the ‘It’s not too much to ask’ aged care campaign, the ANMF has four key election priorities as part of its national ‘It’s not too much’ campaign:

  1. Fund and legislate minimum staffing ratios and, at a minimum, the mandated care minutes and the right skills mix (per the Aged Care Royal Commission’s recommendations and in accordance with the ANMF’s implementation plan).
  2. Fund and legislate the requirement for 24-hour registered nurse presence in nursing homes; at least one registered nurse on site in every aged care facility.
  3. Legislate clear transparency measures that require funding to be tied to care.
  4. Improve conditions and fund increased wages.

Aged care nurses and carers, and residents, need everyone’s support to ensure politicians fix this broken system by voting for candidates which are committed to legislating the changes.

Members can download this report card [PDF] comparing the aged care commitments from the Australian Labor Party, Liberal/Nationals and the Greens.

ANMF report card comparing the aged care commitments from the Australian Labor Party, Liberal/Nationals and the Greens.

ANMF report card comparing the aged care commitments from the Australian Labor Party, Liberal/Nationals and the Greens.

Where does my local MP or candidate stand?

ANMF (Vic Branch) aged care nurses and carers asked Victorian MPs, senators and candidates if they will support our campaign commitments. The following politicians and candidates have individually pledged their support:

House of Representatives

  • Aston: Asher Cookson (Greens), Mary Doyle (ALP)
  • Ballarat: John Barnes (Greens), Catherine King* (ALP)
  • Bendigo: Lisa Chesters* (ALP), Kate Sinclair (Greens)
  • Bruce: Julian Hill* (ALP), Matthew Kirwan (Greens)
  • Calwell: Natalie Abboud (Greens), Maria Vamvakinou (ALP)
  • Casey: Bill Brindle (ALP), Jenny Game (Greens)
  • Chisholm: Carina Garland (ALP), Sarah Newman (Greens)
  • Cooper: Ged Kearney* (ALP), Celeste Liddle (Greens)
  • Corangamite: Libby Coker* (ALP), Alex Marshall (Greens)
  • Corio: Richard Marles* (ALP), Simon Northeast (Greens)
  • Deakin: Matt Gregg (ALP), Rob Humphreys (Greens)
  • Dunkley: Peta Murphy* (ALP), Liam O’Brien (Greens)
  • Flinders: Colin Lane (Greens), Surbhi Snowball (ALP)
  • Fraser: Daniel Mulino (ALP), Bella Mitchell-Sears (Greens)
  • Gellibrand: Tim Watts* (ALP), Suzette Rodoreda (Greens)
  • Gippsland: Janette Langley (ALP), Marjorie Thorpe (Greens)
  • Goldstein: Martyn Abbott (ALP), Zoe Daniels (Independent), Alana Galli-McRostie (Greens)
  • Gorton: Praise Morris (Greens), Brendan O’Connor* (ALP)
  • Hawke: Sam Rae (ALP), Lynda Wheelock (Greens)
  • Higgins: Michelle Ananda-Rajah (ALP), Sonya Semmens (Greens)
  • Holt: Cassandra Fernando (ALP), Sujit Mathew (Greens)
  • Hotham: Clare O’Neil* (ALP), Louisa Willoughby (Greens)
  • Indi: Nadia David (ALP), Benjamin Gilbert (Greens), Helen Haines* (Independent)
  • Isaacs: Alex Breskin (Greens), Mark Dreyfus* (ALP)
  • Jagajaga: Liz Chase (Greens), Kate Thwaites* (ALP)
  • Kooyong: Peter Lynch (ALP), Piers Mitchem (Greens), Monique Ryan (Independent)
  • Lalor: Jack Boddeke (Greens), Joanne Ryan* (ALP)
  • La Trobe: Abhimany Kumar (ALP), Michael Schilling (Greens)
  • Macnamara: Josh Burns* (ALP), Steph Hodgins-May (Greens)
  • Mallee: Carole Hart (ALP), Sam McColl (Greens)
  • Maribyrnong: Rhonda Pryor (Greens), Bill Shorten* (ALP)
  • McEwen: Neil Barker (Greens), Rob Mitchell* (ALP)
  • Melbourne: Adam Bandt* (Greens), Kier Paterson (ALP)
  • Menzies: Naomi Oakley (ALP), Bill Pheasant (Greens)
  • Monash: Mat Morgan (Greens), Jessica O’Donnell (ALP)
  • Nicholls: Ian Christoe (Greens), Bill Lodwick (ALP)
  • Scullin: Andrew Giles* (ALP), Patchouli Paterson (Greens)
  • Wannon: Hilary McAllister (Greens), Gilbert Wilson (ALP)
  • Wills: Sarah Jefford (Greens), Peter Khalil* (ALP)

*Denotes sitting members.


The Greens

Due to technical issues, the Greens were unable to provide photographs, however you can view them on their website.

Australian Labor Party

Authorised L. Fitzpatrick, Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation, 535 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000