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Top three questions ANMF members ask

Top three questions ANMF members ask

ANMF Member Assistance officers answer hundreds of online and phone inquiries every week.

Hundreds of members contact ANMF each week with queries about their employment.

These inquiries, ranging from simple to complex, come through to ANMF Member Assistance, formerly known as InfoLine, via our online inquiry form and our phone line.

Members’ questions are answered by our dedicated and experienced Member Assistance team who understand your working conditions, entitlements and your professional obligations and responsibilities.

The top three member questions that ANMF answers every day are about pay rates, resignation notice periods and claiming paid overtime. The answers differ based on the individual member’s enterprise bargaining agreement. If your employer details are up to date on our membership system, you will also be able to check your EBA via the ANMF member portal

ANMF Member Assistance

ANMF Member Assistance

Apart from reading our popular ‘Know your entitlements’ articles in digital On the Record, ANMF also encourages members to get to know the Member Assistance frequently asked questions section on our website. It’s a page you should bookmark because you’ll find information about:

  • pay rates and EBAs
  • entitlements such as annual leave, compassionate leave, long service leave, parental leave, public holidays, payslip content, overtime, rosters, breaks, experience progression, contracts, contracted hours,
  • the public sector EBA
  • regulations and practice including AHPRA and the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, delegation and supervision, mandatory notification, codes of conduct
  • health, safety and wellbeing including what to do if you are being bullied, workplace violence and aggression, employer obligations to consult with HSRs, equipment, how to find out who your HSR is, what to do if you are injured at work, WorkCover, and  mental health or substance use concerns
  • being a nursing or midwifery student or a graduate including information about the grad year, pay, Computer Match, and probationary periods
  • your ANMF membership including how to find your membership number, how to update your membership details, how to transfer your membership if you are moving interstate, how to re-subscribe to ANMF e-news, OTR and event emails, how to find your professional indemnity insurance documentation, and even how to find those extra pages for your ANMF Professional Portfolio.

The members-only service has recently been renamed ‘Member Assistance’ to reflect the broader service it provides to members.

Apart from helping members understand their entitlements and conditions Member Assistance is often the first point of call if you have been unfairly dismissed, asked to attend a disciplinary meeting, asked to provide a police statement or if you have been injured at work.

Depending on the complexity and urgency of your situation Member Assistance will refer members to their organiser, industrial officer, professional officer or OHS officer based on the level of industrial, professional or legal advice, support and representation required.

To access this important service and avoid disappointment, we ask that members check their membership category and if it is not correct please update it via the member portal. For example, if you work more than 24 hours per week you must be paying the corresponding rate to ensure you are covered and can access services such as Member Assistance as a fully financial ANMF member.

Members can contact Member Assistance via our online inquiry form or  1800 133 353 (regional toll free).