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Top five social media tips

Top five social media tips

Nurses and midwives need to be cautious about their online presence.

Social media has a lot to offer nurses and midwives, however one careless post can have serious personal, professional or even legal consequences.

ANMF has represented members disciplined for their posts, even ones who haven’t listed their workplace and/or used a hidden name.

Here’s five easy tips to avoid jeopardising your career.

  1. Read ANMF (Vic Branch) (PDF), NMBA and your employer’s social media policies to ensure your posts don’t contravene professional standards.
  2. Check your privacy status and where possible, don’t disclose your full name, but remember that you may still be found.
  3. Review your past posts and watch what you post to ensure you avoid talking about your workplaces (or placement if you are a student) and anything related to healthcare that could reflect badly on your employer. Also watch what you post on public pages and groups, and even in your private messaging. Remember, private is never private online.
  4. Review your photographs and don’t post any of yourself engaging in illegal, offensive, compromising or inappropriate activity. Don’t take photos at work, and never include photos of patients or work-related activities on your personal page.
  5. Be careful who you befriend, as anyone can screenshot and share your posts, but also post comments on your personal page that could get you into trouble with your workplace. Never befriend patients or their family members.

Overall, remember: if you wouldn’t say it in person to your employer, don’t post it online!