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Tips if you’re put on a performance improvement plan

Tips if you’re put on a performance improvement plan

Your grad year is about consolidating your pre-registration education. As a beginning registered nurse or midwife, you may make a clinical error. Even the most experienced nurses and midwives can make a mistake.

If you make mistakes, your employer may implement a performance improvement plan (PIP) to address their concerns about your practice to help ensure these mistakes don’t reoccur.

  • Contact ANMF as soon as concerns are raised about your performance to ensure you are being treated equitably. You can do this online 24/7 and can attach any supporting documentation.
  • Don’t panic! If your PIP has clear, achievable and measurable goals and timelines, it’s to ensure you improve and be the best nurse or midwife you can be.
  • Do not sign your PIP before you have contacted ANMF, so we can ensure your plan is about supporting you.

ANMF is here to ensure you are receiving the support you need so you can successfully complete your grad year.

If the stress is getting to you, you can also contact the Nursing & Midwifery Health Program Victoria on 9415 7551.