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Statutory Duty of Candour online module

Statutory Duty of Candour online module

Safer Care Victoria have released a free online training module on the new Statutory Duty Of Candour law which comes into effect on 30 November 2022.

Under this new law, hospitals and health services are legally obliged to apologise to a person seriously harmed while receiving care, explain what went wrong and what action will be taken.

The module takes approximately one hour to complete and covers:

  • description of the new law and who it applies to
  • how to comply with the process and fulfil legal requirements
  • meet mandatory documentation and reporting requirements
  • patient needs and support through the process.

The statutory duty of candour was the final legislative reform implemented from the recommendations of the 2016 Targeting Zero report. This report was part of a review of hospital safety and quality assurance in Victoria which found a lack of open disclosure with patients.