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Range review win for school nurses

Range review win for school nurses

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The Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022 came into effect in July 2022. As previously reported, ANMF (Vic Branch) was successful in achieving a nurse-specific schedule for nurse roles and responsibilities. This schedule details the range of duties that a school nurse can perform, either in the primary school program or secondary school program at ES Range 4 or working directly for a school.

The schedule contains specific descriptions of the roles of nurse manager (for individual schools) at range 5 and registered nurse 4 at range 4, as well as limited descriptions for registered nurse 3 at range 3 and improved enrolled nurse commencing salary at range 2–5 (former range 2–2).

Following the approval of the new Agreement by the Fair Work Commission, school nurses who have been employed directly by schools now have the ability to request a range review to ensure that they are being paid in accordance with the new nurse descriptors in the Agreement.

Utilising this new schedule, the Branch has been assisting school nurse members in submitting range reviews to their principals, with successful reviews now being applied at multiple schools.

The Branch encourages any members who are seeking a range review to contact ANMF for support by submitting a member assistance form at