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Public sector members: get involved in the campaign to improve your wages and conditions

Public sector members: get involved in the campaign to improve your wages and conditions

Public sector members have all been sent notification about the first statewide members meeting to hear a progress report on the 2024-28 enterprise bargaining negotiations. If you have not received this email, we either have the wrong email address for you or you have unsubscribed. To achieve the best outcome, it is vital as many members as possible participate in the campaign; to do so, you need to stay informed. Log into the member portal to update your details, or resubscribe at

This a PAID meeting for those members who are rostered on to work at this time, including reasonable travel time. Download our frequently asked questions [PDF].

What is this about again?

The current Victorian public sector nurses and midwives enterprise agreement expires on 30 April 2024. ANMF has been negotiating with the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association (VHIA) since October 2023 to discuss our members’ claims, and the claims of other bargaining representatives.

This process involves explaining the purpose of each of our claims to convince the VHIA to agree to them, and responding to the claims made by VHIA on behalf of health services, which we have done in detail. Similarly, we are responding to claims made by stand-alone community health employers.

As we move into the last two months before the current EBA expires, it’s time for members to get involved. The first ‘report back’ statewide members meeting is your chance to do that.

At the meeting, ANMF elected officials will provide a progress report on the bargaining negotiations, and details of any employer/Victorian Government wages and conditions offer will be discussed. Significantly, this is where next steps will be decided. If you want to have a say, you must attend.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 21 March from 2pm-3.30pm. Register now.

The meeting will be held in Melbourne and streamed to seven regional sites. To attend, you must be at one of the eight venues below. Remote access will not be available.

  1. Melbourne – ANMF (Vic Branch) Carson Conference Centre
  2. Ballarat – Trades Hall Ballarat
  3. Bendigo – Shamrock Hotel
  4. Geelong – Trades Hall Geelong
  5. Mildura – Mildura Club
  6. Shepparton – Parklake
  7. Traralgon – Century Inn
  8. Warrnambool – Warrnambool Racing Club

Transport will be provided to take members from workplaces to the closest meeting venue. For example, if you work at Swan Hill District Health there will be bus transport to the Mildura venue. To ensure a place on the bus you will need to confirm a workplace pickup location when registering.

Childcare will be available at the Melbourne venue only. These must be booked via the registration form.

All members attending the meeting will receive a 2024 red campaign T-shirt to wear proudly.

Talk to your Job Reps and colleagues and make sure your ward or unit is represented. Bring your placards and signs!

Got more questions? Download our frequently asked questions [PDF].

Who should attend?

Members working in the general and aged care public sector, and stand-alone community health centres.

Check your membership details

It will be critically important, should we need to take further steps, and to ensure that all of our public sector members can participate. You can only participate, however, if ANMF has your correct details – including workplace, second public sector workplace if you have one, surname, first name, middle name, mobile and postal address – and that these match exactly with the details that your employer has.

Check and update your details on the member portal.