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Public sector EBA negotiations to commence

ANMF (Vic Branch) begins negotiations this month with the Andrews Government for the 2020–24 public sector enterprise agreement.

Wage rises for 2020–24 were set as part of the 2016–20 enterprise agreement outcome, with nurses and midwives of all classifications receiving a three per cent pay rise in December 2020, 2021 and 2022, following the April 2019 wages uplift.

New ratios and ratio improvements are set in legislation and a new bill for further improvements is to be drafted which means ANMF can focus on fine tuning improvements to members’ employment conditions and entitlements.

This includes seeking improved fatigue, workplace health and safety, rostering and conduct clauses, definitions for the new nurse/midwife unit manager classification structure, organisational change obligations and superannuation choice.

ANMF Job Reps and HSRs provided further input into the claim at the most recent annual delegates conference where a detailed presentation of the changes were presented and discussed.

The log of claims was endorsed by Branch Council on 9 September.

A summary of the log of claims will be available on the Member Portal of our website in the near future.

Negotiations for the 2020–24 EBA will also involve redrafting some clauses of the agreement to improve clarity on the intent.

Discussions will formally begin over the 2020–24 public sector mental health agreement in early 2020, with the current agreement due to expire in June 2020. ANMF will seek a four-year agreement that is consistent with the general public sector agreement, as well as incorporating mental health nurse-specific clauses.