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Priority Primary Care Centres: information for members

Priority Primary Care Centres: information for members

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Members may be aware of, and considering working for, one of the new Priority Primary Care Centres (PPCCs). More information on Priority Primary Care Centres can be found at

It is crucial that members make an informed decision about working in these PPCCs, particularly if leaving a public health service role. The below applies to all PPCCs except the PPCC operated by Latrobe Community Health Services.

I am thinking of applying for a role at the new Priority Primary Care Centres – what will my entitlements be?

At this stage, ANMF does not know. The PPCCs are not considered part of the public sector health system and are not covered by an ANMF EBA, or indeed any EBA that applies to nurses.

Your only guaranteed conditions are contained in minimum standards in awards and the Fair Work Act.

Can I transfer my service there – for long service leave and personal leave?

No, there is no obligation on the PPCCs to recognise your service with public health bodies.

Can I transfer my service back to the public health sector from a PPCC?

No, there is no recognition of PPCCs in terms of portability of service. If you leave a public health workplace and seek to return, your service will most likely be deemed broken.

Will I be eligible for parental leave?

Not until you have completed 12 months service with the PPCC, there is no agreed paid parental leave.

Are they safe places to work?

Regrettably, we don’t know. We have not been invited to inspect them or indeed consulted about their opening.

We will provide updates if the situation changes.