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No membership fee increase for the fifth year in a row

No membership fee increase for the fifth year in a row

ANMF (Vic Branch) membership fees will not increase for the 2024–25 financial year.

The last fee rise was in July 2019. For the current financial year, Branch Council has again determined to maintain fees at the 2019-20 rate. The decision is intended to support members and acknowledge the continuing cost-of-living challenges.

With more than 100,000 members, ANMF (Vic Branch) is the largest branch of the largest union in the country. Run by nurses and midwives for nurses and midwives, and costing significantly less than a daily cup of tea or coffee, ANMF memberships are priced accordingly for a wide range of working arrangements and roles – including full time and part time RNs, ENs, midwives, PCWs, RUSONs and RUSOMs, students and those on primary carer leave.

For 2024 and 2025, we also have a half-price graduate offer to welcome new nurses and midwives to the professions, and to the Branch. If you know a new grad who has not yet joined ANMF, send them to for details – and don’t forget, if you achieve 100 per cent ANMF membership on your ward or in your unit or workplace, all staff will be rewarded with a once-off bonus of $20 per member (keep reading for details).

Are you making the most of your membership?

Consistent membership growth, and careful management of members’ funds, enables Branch Council to keep membership fees on hold, while continuing to add to the core benefits and services we offer.

All fully financial members receive professional indemnity and public liability insurance up to $10 million, as well as 24/7 Good Samaritan insurance*, legal services# from Gordon Legal, and advice and representation if you need to access WorkCover†, or to dispute a WorkCover insurance decision.

You also have 24/7 access to Member Assistance for industrial, professional and OHS advice, and other work-related matters.

But there’s so much more to membership, giving you even greater value for money. Did you know that members have access to:

  • Over 250 FREE continuing professional development (CPD) modules via our Education Portal – available 24/7 and with no limit to how many you can do
  • Further cost-effective CPD opportunities through regular events, conferences and seminars on issues of significance to nurses, midwives and carers
  • Savings on everyday purchases through Union Shopper – from food and fuel to electrical and white goods and even your electricity bill
  • Modern and award-winning accommodation options in Ocean Grove, Bright and the Melbourne CBD at up to 50% off market rates
  • Discounted movie tickets and merchandise, including nursing & midwifery quick reference cards, drip rate cards, graduate and student nurses’ essentials packs and more
  • Access to Australia’s only non-profit electricity retailer, Cooperative Power
  • Discounted services from online conveyancer Settle Easy
  • Eligibility to join the not-for-profit Nurses & Midwives Health insurance fund
  • The ANMF Diary App, with shift planner and public sector pay calculator – giving you estimates for shifts allowances, qualifications allowances, on-call allowances and more
  • Access to the Branch Library, with ProQuest and CINAHL databases, as well as other specialist digital and print nursing and midwifery resources and research assistance
  • Up-to-date news and industry information through ANMF national and Victorian journals and publications, as well as a subscription to The New Daily
  • Access to ANMF Reference Groups with a specialised clinical area of focus
  • Access to the ANMF sustainability Facebook group Green nurses and midwives

What else? Fee grants and free money!

Eligible members may also apply for a range of grants to assist with further education and study in clinical areas of need such as midwifery, mental health nursing and alcohol and other drugs.

Applications for the 2024 grants (inclusive of study conducted in semester 2, 2023) are currently being accepted. Visit for more information.

Not studying but want some free money? Check out the savings you could be making in the list above, or recruit new members on your ward to take advantage of a long-standing ANMF benefit: the 100 per cent membership bonus.

Wards, units or small workplaces – defined as those with 10 or more nurses, midwives or carers – that achieve 100 per cent ANMF membership among staff are rewarded with a once-off bonus of $20 per member.

This financial reward is the result of a 1996 Delegates Conference resolution passed by members. It was first awarded in 1997 to the 23 nurses at Kaniva Hospital. At the time, the reward was $10 per member, and the Kaniva nurses collectively received $230 to spend in any way they chose.

Of course, 100 per cent membership also means that all staff are in a better position to achieve the best industrial and professional outcomes, with each member also enjoying the other benefits of ANMF (Vic Branch) membership.

Don’t forget: your union membership fees are also tax deductible‡.

* Professional indemnity insurance is unavailable for nurses working as midwives in independent practice.

# Legal services are subject to conditions which are available on request from the Branch Office.

† not available to non-working members

‡ This does not constitute financial advice. Check with your tax adviser.

View the full list of membership benefits at