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New three-level NUM/MUM classification on track

New three-level NUM/MUM classification on track

One of the 12 face-to-face nurse/midwife classification framework consultation meetings held across Victoria in August 2018.

Work on the final stage of developing a contemporary three-level nurse/midwife unit manager classification framework will start in early December.

The three new classifications will apply to nurse/midwife unit managers employed in general and aged care public sector health services from April 2019.

Directors of nursing/midwifery will make a final assessment of their nurse/midwife unit managers against the finalised classification framework between 10 December 2018 and 25 January 2019.

The new classification framework is required under clause 81.5 of the 2016 public sector nurses and midwives agreement. It is part of the Service Delivery Partnership Plan between ANMF (Vic Branch), the Department of Health and Human Services and the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association.

The SDPP members will meet in early February to finalise classifications.

Nurse/midwife unit managers will receive written notification of their new level in the second half of February.

A statewide classification committee will resolve any disputes that are not resolved at the local level. ANMF members may seek our advice or representation for a classification dispute at the local level.

Nurse/midwife unit managers will receive their new classification pay rises from the first pay period on or after 1 April 2019. All nurse/midwife unit managers will initially translate to level three or four despite some roles deemed to be at level two.

Public sector employers will receive an update by email from the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association by 23 November about the process and instructions to complete the work they are required to do within the timeframe of 10 December to 25 January.

The process so far:

  • May 2016: ANMF members vote to approve a new public sector enterprise agreement. Clause 81.5 requires examination of the contemporary nurse/midwife unit manager role and development of a new three-level structure.
  • The Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association appoint external consultants to assist with the work.
  • A working group is established comprising representatives of directors of nursing/midwifery and nurse/midwife unit managers from metro, outer metro and regional health services, the ANMF (Vic Branch), the Department of Health and Human Services, and Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association.
  • Employers distribute a survey to their directors of nursing and midwifery, nurse/midwife unit managers and associate nurse/midwife unit managers designed by the above working group to understand the contemporary role, specifically complexity, level of autonomy, access to health service infrastructure and support responsibility and governance obligations. The survey is open from 28 May and 11 June 2018 and reopened for health services which had not responded between 26 June and 10 July
  • Using the survey responses, the consultants facilitate the working group to develop a draft framework for the new three-level structure.
  • August 2018: 12 face-to-face and four virtual consultation sessions are held across the state attended by more than 300 nurse/midwife unit managers and directors of nursing and midwifery to discuss and provide feedback on the draft framework.
  • Almost 1700 assessments are lodged during the ‘shadow testing’ process between 24 September and 26 October 2018.