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New parental leave booklet released

New parental leave booklet released

With the new public sector nurses and midwives EBA containing several significant changes to parental leave, ANMF (Vic Branch) has updated the parental leave and returning to work guide [PDF] for members.

The Nurses and Midwives (Victorian Public Sector) (Single Interest Employers) Enterprise Agreement 2020–2024 contains a number of important parental leave changes, including:

  • paid long parental leave has increased from 10 weeks to 14 weeks
  • paid short parental leave has increased from 1 week to 2 weeks
  • access to parental leave entitlements now begin after six months continuous service instead of 12 months for full and part time employees
  • you will receive super contributions throughout parental leave including the unpaid component
  • parental leave now counts as service towards long service leave.

The Branch’s guide, updated in October 2022, details the above changes and more with easy-to-understand graphics and explanations in order to help members make the most of their rights and responsibilities as set out under the relevant enterprise bargaining agreement, anti-discrimination laws, the Fair Work Act and occupational work health and safety laws.

The guide assists in simplifying parental leave information and provides key dates so you can meet your obligations and understand the leave entitlements available to you and your family.

Members on parental leave can update their membership category to parental leave member via the Member Portal.

Download a PDF version of the ANMF Parental Leave Guide.